Customer Success Stories 

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Epicor is an experienced multinational ERP company with a wide range of trusted, industry leading solutions. With offices and partners in many different regions, they offered all-around support for us worldwide. Epicor ERP has a built-in solution specifically for the manufacturing industry that is in full compliance with Techcomp’s intracompany and industrial needs.
Gilbert Sin, Financial director and joint-company secretary | Techcomp

Nature's Choice

“We are already seeing that Epicor is contributing positively towards the company’s growth plans. We can also see how it will help increase revenue when we want to add new products and modules, and it is continually supporting our ISO certification.”
Gresham Mandy, Operations Director | Nature's Choice

ABAXIS Europe GmbH

“Our key criteria for selecting Epicor ERP included its flexibility as an all-in-one solution combined with its country-specific functionality”
Sebastian Lucas, Finance Director | ABAXIS Europe GmbH

Christian Berner

“Staff are able to use iScala as a customer relation management (CRM) tool. They have full visibility of sales history when they are out in the field, which is accessible by all regional branches. It simply enables them to care more about the customer.”
Weimer Andersson, CIO | Christian Berner

G B Willbond Limited

“BisTrack software is different, because it is tailored specifically to our industry”
Colin Hollowood, IT Manager


“As soon as we trialled and tested Epicor ERP, we saw that it would be an excellent fit for us. The smooth functionality and ease of configurability with our reporting systems makes our lives so much easier and is befitting of a growing manufacturing firm.”
Keith Elliot, General Manager


"With iScala in place, we’re now able to implement global strategies due to the visibility we have into how our business operates."
Domonkos Gaspar, Head of Manufacturing Digitization at Autoneum


“We needed a MES system that would easily integrate with our existing ERP software, and Epicor Mattec MES offers just that. This means we can export the production schedule out of our existing ERP system into Mattec, making it a smooth and easy process.”
Sunil Sharma, IT manager at BNL

Allied Mobile

“Epicor ERP gives us end-to-end standardisation. It tracks everything through our entire system and gives us an extremely accurate picture of nearly every business process, procedure, and transaction in real time.”
Ewan McCulloch, general manager IT

Coventry Plumbing & Heating Supplies

“Although the project has only just been implemented, the main benefits so far have been the ability to e-mail and the progression to better tailored reports,”
Andy Harris, Coventry Plumbing & Heating Supplies.