How will innovation in IT cross more into the physical world over the next 10 years? - UK

Epicor ERP

IT has always been synonymous with the virtual world. The last decade has seen the web revolutionise information, education, media and finance – anything non-physical. For internet shopping, delivery and logistics has always been the greater challenge. Professor Woudhuysen says that in the next decade, technology will pervade our physical lives. From drones to the ‘Internet of Things’, driverless cars to automated health monitoring. Few products couldn’t be improved, or at least differentiated in their markets, by digital augmentation.

Industry: Manufacturing
Video Type: General Video
Duration: 2:22

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How will manufacturers collaborate more with retailers over the next 10 years? - UK

Product: Epicor ERP

Video Type: General Video

Duration: 2:06

Description: Enlightened manufacturers are considering the experience of buying their brand and how to use technology and media to better use limited retail space.

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