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  • Too many CFOs say they're forced to make critical decisions based on instinct alone, because they can't access accurate financial data when they need it. In contrast, organisations with real-time access to financial metrics deliver information in time for decision-making 86% of the time, says the Aberdeen Group.

    How do they do it? By using technology to automate financial reporting and provide quick and easy access to information. Organisations that can make faster, more informed financial decisions can swiftly exploit new opportunities for growth, or minimise the impact of adversity.

    Here, you can download two Aberdeen reports and discover how organisations are using technology to make smarter decisions about growth and profitability, and increase the agility of their financial planning, budgeting and forecasting.

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  • Epicor Software Corporation drives business growth. We provide flexible, industry-specific software that is designed around the needs of our manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service industry customers. More than 40 years of experience with our customers’ unique business processes and operational requirements is built into every solution―in the cloud, hosted, or on premises. With a deep understanding of your industry, Epicor solutions spur growth while managing complexity. The result is powerful solutions that free your resources so you can grow your business.

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