Epicor ERP Certified in Portugal

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Epicor is strongly committed to remaining compliant with flagship product Epicor ERP. To ensure this, in some countries it is necessary to undergo an official software audit conducted by local authorities which verifies if an accounting or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution lives up to the local legal requirements.

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Therefore, we are pleased to say that Epicor has recently acquired official certification for Epicor ERP from the Portuguese Tax and Customs Office-Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira, AT-reference ID 2740. Filtering on Epicor on the below site will show all the certified products from Epicor in Portugal: http://www.portaldasfinancas.gov.pt/pt/Out/consultaProgCertificadosM24.action

Epicor ERP Certified in PortugalPortugal has taken very strict measures in the recent years to fight against tax fraud. It was one of the first countries that adopted the recommendations of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to collect taxation data from all businesses in the country in an electronic format known as the Structured Audit File for Taxation (SAF-T).

SAF-T formatted data allows easy extraction of financial and logistical data from the database of financial or ERP software¬-consumed by auditors, tax advisors, or tax authorities. The government, collecting data about invoices issued and booked, can compare this information to the records found at the counterpart of the transaction, and uncover tax fraud very easily. The adoption of SAF-T is different from country to country and the schemes are never the same.

The new reporting tool Electronic Compliance Engine (ECE) has been used in designing and generating the SAF-T files according to the Portuguese specifications.

Some of the Portuguese specific features are:

  • Digital signatures for sales orders, shipments and invoices
  • Generating all GL transactions in SAF-T format in a file
  • Generating all GL transactions with source documents in SAF-T format in a file
  • Generating all invoicing data in SAF-T format in a file
  • Generating Transport Documents in XML format for shipments
  • Preventing the modification of digitally signed sales orders, shipment, and invoices
  • Printing original copy of shipments and invoices with copy numbers
  • Tax exemption reason codes
  • Printing the software certification ID on all digitally signed documents
Epicor worked with its legal partner Ferreira Pinto in Lisbon, Portugal on the certification process. We would like thank Rui Simões and his colleagues for their help and guidance in the certification process.

Epicor ERP customers wanting to ensure compliance should be on Epicor ERP version or above, and will need the CSF package for Portugal.

Co-authors: Matt Taylor, product management Director (CSF Global) and Kayhan Karayel, product, manager (CSF Europe), Epicor

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