Epicor ERP Provides Big Ass Solutions Equally Large Savings

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Manufacturer Leverages Epicor ERP to Support Growth through Supply Chain Savings

Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, announced today that Big Ass Solutions, a manufacturer of fans, lights and controls for industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential use, is leveraging Epicor ERP to support its growth plans.

"It may only be a ceiling fan, but it's a very complex product,” said Bill Nall, chief information officer, Big Ass Solutions. “That drives a lot of complexity on the bill of materials and how all those parts come together on the factory floor. That's where technology is critical because you can't manage that level of complexity without having a tight ERP system."

Big Ass Solutions is no stranger to some of the biggest challenges in manufacturing—reducing costs, maximizing inventory, and meeting fluctuating demand. However, where it sets itself apart is how deep it goes into the data provided by Epicor ERP to grow its business through procurement—whether it’s leveraging existing vendor data for better rates on materials or identifying new business opportunities, using business intelligence data is at the forefront of the company’s growth goals.

Global supply chain integration through ERP

The company plans production well in advance to meet the customer’s expectation, “A good ERP system is huge from the standpoint of being able to take all of the demand, all of the sales orders, and tie everything together,” said Nall. “Epicor ERP ties our company together from beginning to end and all the way to shipping products to customers in a timely manner.”

The company has manufacturing plants globally, so the ability for all of them to stay connected is paramount to its success, and it all starts with order fulfillment and planning. The company’s customer relationship management (CRM) software is integrated with Epicor ERP. When it takes an order, it passes over to Epicor to run it through its manufacturing and fulfillment processes.

By leveraging Epicor ERP Purchase Order suggestions, the company can find new sources to find cost-saving ideas as in costs per parts and/or better inventory statuses, often finding a new supplier that can give them a greater cost reduction and thus shorter lead time in order to keep the margins low on product it sells. The push/pull feature is also an important ally, helping the company streamline production by helping them increase, expedite, or push out production orders that are either not needed at that time or need to be increased because of over-demand.

Epicor ERP is deeply embedded throughout Big Ass Solutions’ manufacturing operations—from material procurement and planning, all the way out to finished goods that are delivered to end customers, meaning every single part in a Big Ass Solutions product has at some point touched the company’s Epicor ERP environment.

“We help customers grow their businesses by offering choices and unprecedented flexibility. Epicor solutions free our customers from focusing on technology to focusing on what they do—their core, revenue-generating activities,” said Malcolm Fox, vice president, product marketing, Epicor Software. “From point of product origin to point of purchase, Epicor affords a single point of accountability for the individuals—manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and service providers—who comprise the connected stream of inspiration that allows today's businesses to grow and thrive.”

To learn more about how Big Ass Solutions leverages Epicor ERP in its supply chain, please stop by the Epicor booth, E-3324, at IMTS 2016 in Chicago from September 12-17.

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“Epicor ERP literally goes out and looks at what jobs need to be put together, and basically ties our company together from beginning to end and all the way to shipping product to customers in a timely manner.”

Bill Nall
Chief Information Officer | Big Ass Solutions

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