• Insights 2015
  • Justification to Attend

    Tips and Pointers

    The tips below offer you materials to help you gain funding for your attendance at Insights. With all of this information and a great price, justifying attendance is much easier. In fact, we've assembled a sample e-mail with specific conference ROI information  that you can use to obtain your approvals.

    • Match list of session topics and hall of solutions participants to specific challenges that your company is facing.
    • Compare the cost of an outside or on-site consultant versus the conference fee.
    • Highlight ways you will network with other Epicor customers and experts in the hall of solutions and link this to company areas of interest, specific projects, or implementations.

  • More Reasons to Attend

    • Focus on the user efficiency and education cost savings that the hands-on interactive lab sessions with an Epicor product expert will provide.
    • Mention how you will implement at least one performance change you'll learn at the conference.
    • Document or highlight company savings associated with what you learned if you attended previously.
    • Form execution teams after the event, distribute the information, act on it, and follow up.
    • Train others and give a presentation to co-workers on what you learned.
    • Make professional contacts that you can consult long after the conference ends.
    • Calculate the cost of your independent research vs. getting real-time solutions at the conference that can be implemented immediately.
    • Meet one-on-one with Epicor executives, senior managers, and product experts during 20-minute meetings in a special briefing room format.

    You will be able to easily identify your Epicor product peers via their badges, so you can sit together and build relationships in your specific user community—these are resources that can be consulted well after the conference is over.

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