Insights 2015 – A Great Learning Experience for Epicor Users and Employees Alike!


By Phil Raimi – Principal University Specialist

Often times, when we are deep into our daily work routine, focused on completing our assigned tasks, it’s very easy to lose perspective about the importance of what we are doing, and how it can greatly impact others. Whatever our roles – be it a material manager, warehouse manager, financial person or Epicor University content specialist, we often get so caught up in the myriad of little details involved in performing our assigned daily work that it is easy to lose this perspective. The material manager focuses on the details of issuing a widget to complete a job, the warehouse manager on the logistics of shipping the next carton, the financial person on the month close, and the content specialist on writing a help topic or course workshop for a new enhancement coded by a developer.

How do we rise above the daily details and get a fresh perspective on the importance of our daily work?

As a long time employee of Epicor (26+ years) based on the West Coast, that’s what I find so exciting about attending Insights, held this year in Nashville. It provided me with a great opportunity to step out of my daily routine and understand how what we do at Epicor University greatly impacts our user community. Beyond the “change in scenery”, it provides many benefits to attendees, be they Epicor users, partners or employees. By far, the greatest benefit from attending a user conference of this size and magnitude is the ability to “rub shoulders” and share important “face time” with our users and fellow Epicor employees.

For those of us at Epicor, the preparation for Insights begins months earlier, starting with developing educational materials for the hundreds of Extended Education and Lab sessions we present at the conference. This provides us with the ability to “step back” from what we are doing, and look at our educational materials from a fresh perspective, envisioning how they will be used in live interactive sessions of varying lengths. Personally, when we present these materials, or assist other presenters during an Extended Education or lab session, we get a great deal of satisfaction from seeing this content being successfully used and discussed by session attendees. When we man the Epicor University booth or the Self-Paced Learning labs in the Hall of Solutions, we find it both gratifying and enlightening to interact on a personal basis with you, our users. For me, as a long time employee, it’s so exciting to see how the little 60-person MRP company I started at in 1989 has grown to a large, multi-national corporation serving the needs of thousands of enterprises worldwide who use our wide range of ERP products.

For the Epicor ERP user community, attending Insights provides similar benefits. Whatever your role, it’s highly beneficial to interact with other users in similar businesses, sharing notes and experiences. Meeting Epicor employees, and sharing your experiences with using particular ERP applications, is very productive and reassuring. It provides you with the ability of putting a “face to a name” and providing valuable feedback about the content we develop for use in your enterprise. It also provides you with the opportunity to learn more about current ERP applications, and upcoming enhancements, with Epicor experts.

Insights – a great education experience, for Epicor users and employees alike!


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