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Schoeller Allibert

With over 90 years' experience in the manufacturing industry Schoeller Allibert has recently developed into a world-class manufacturer of reusable transport packaging. The company claimed its leading position in 2012 when two packaging companies, Dutch Schoeller Arca Systems, and British Linpac Allibert, merged to become Schoeller Allibert. The merger meant that Schoeller Allibert could expand their product range across existing and new markets, as well as increase the company's research and development capabilities. During 2012 the Group turnover was 514M EUR.

"The mobile solution has enabled our sales team to save up to 10 to 15 percent of their time. Now everyone, not just a few, have great visibility into what we communicate with our customers. I think the customers see this as trust building and we understand their needs better."

Magnus Enocson
Director Business Applications | Schoeller Allibert.

Schoeller Allibert is headquartered in Zwolle, the Netherlands, with production facilities and sales offices in Europe, North America, and Asia. The company's Scandinavian office and production facility is located in Perstorp, Sweden. It was established in 1917 as part of what later became Perstorp AB. Today, the company exists in 26 countries worldwide and has over 2,000 employees, of which 30 are based in Sweden.

Schoeller Allibert delivers solutions to global companies such as BMW, Coca-Cola and Unilever. One of the company's most recognisable product is Maxinest, which can be found in almost all fruit and vegetable counters in supermarkets. During the merger in 2012 Schoeller Allibert needed a better overview of planned production levels and expected sales demand. They needed a trusted CRM system to help the company take the next step towards global operations.

"A key challenge for us was when we moved from being a local company to operating globally," says Magnus Enocson, director of, business applications for Schoeller Allibert. "With a global sales team we also needed a solution that works internationally."

The merger of the companies led to several challenges for the sales organization. One of the sales teams didn't use a CRM system at all, and the other used IFS CRM. At the time of the merger, they started to use iScala CRM exclusively.

"Since we have a global sales system and an international sales team the most important requirements for us was that the CRM system was integrated with our ERP system," says Enocson. "We were already using Epicor iScala as our ERP system and we chose to continue with that because we wanted to work with an ERP vendor that offered an integrated CRM system, that was also integrated with Microsoft."

Before Schoeller Allibert started to use iScala CRM each sales person saved their own documents and files on their individual PCs, then created their quotes in Microsoft Word. If they wanted to send these to someone they did so via email. To become truly global Schoeller Allibert realized that they needed a CRM system that was fully integrated with their ERP solution.

"Creating forecasts and understanding what was happening used to be guesswork," says Enocson. "With iScala CRM we can create reliable forecasts and therefore improve our budgets and sales analysis. Now we can focus on working on the right products and not just chase orders."

Mobility has resulted in up to 15 percent time savings

Schoeller Allibert employs around 250 sales people who all use iScala CRM. Many of them have to travel to attend customer meetings. The sales people use the system to access customer contact details and create quotes that can easily be converted into orders. It's very important to the sales people that they can access reliable data while visiting customers.

"Our sales people work almost exclusively on laptops, smartphones and tablets. iScala CRM has helped improve enterprise mobility. During 2015 we will become almost entirely mobile. The CRM system has good functionality as well as integration with sales and customer data, and information is made available to the sales team regardless of where they are located," says Enocson. Within a short space of time the company has seen a big change. With iScala CRM the sales people can directly access information and reliable data. They can create a quote on site and don't have to wait days or weeks before they can get back to the customer. "The mobile solution has enabled our sales team to save up to 10 to 15 percent of their time," explains Enocson. "Now everyone, not just a few, have visibility into what we communicate with customers. I think the customers regard this as trust building and we understand their needs better."

Schoeller Allibert has used iScala CRM for six only months but they have already noticed that the system will contribute to the company's growth through an increase in sales and improved customer relations. "The CRM system makes communication easy, which saves time and reduces misunderstandings. Accessing accurate data leads to reduced administration time and decreased costs. iScala CRM has primarily helped us improve customer relations and increase confidence amongst our customers," concludes Enocson.

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Company Facts


  • During 2012 two companies merged to create a leading reusable transport packaging company - Schoeller Allibert. The company went from local operations to global. To improve efficiency they needed to find a CRM solution that could be used internationally, and that was integrated with an ERP system.


  • Epicor iScala CRM


  • Implementing iScala CRM has given the sales team direct access to sales and production data.
  • The CRM system has also given the management team direct access to accurate reporting and follow ups.

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