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  • Point of Sale Applications

    Much more than just an electronic cash register, the Epicor Eagle POS application products provide a complete universe of features to expedite checkout and automate the collection and management of customer and product information. 

    POS Application

    There is no common replacement for a cash register. With a broad range of features designed to complete checkout processes more efficiently, Eagle POS applications allow you to quickly process your customers’ purchases. Powerful and comprehensive, with a load of customizable features, point of sale applications offer easy management, lookup, and tracking of customer and product information, including historical price data, gift receipts, and even customer photographs. 

    Point of Sale Application Features

    • Cash register
    • Customer services
    • Catalog/inventory 
    • Pricing
    • Security and control

    Offline POS

    Offline point-of-sale is a must-have for Eagle customers. Whether you are disconnected from your server because of a network outage or are running outside for your annual parking lot sale, Offline POS applications enable you to conduct transactions normally until you can restore your connection. You can accept credit cards, handle returns, and look up customer credit, then reconcile the data later. 

    Bar Code Scanning

    By providing point of sale scanning for inventory and price management, bar code scanning is the ideal solution for improved accuracy and efficiency at the checkout counter. Bar code scanning will speed and ease your customers’ checkout, reduce errors and help maintain accurate inventory, and save you time with automated pricing updates. 

    Tablet POS

    Eagle Tablet POS is a perfect tool for assisted selling, enabling you to take your POS application right to the customer through the use of almost any Apple tablet device with a Wi-Fi or mobile wireless Internet connection. Designed specifically to price and check out bar-coded items, this solution also lets you search for and locate items of interest

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