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  • It is essential to have current enterprise data at your fingertips when making the decisions that will drive your business to success. It can be difficult, however, to get that data when you need it if you have to wait for someone else to get it for you. Epicor Portal can help by providing the framework and tools that allow you to gather and share data without having to depend on others. With Epicor Portal, you can get the information you need, when you need it, from your enterprise systems without having to wait in line.

    Epicor Portal Reduces IT Calls and Secures Your Data

    Epicor Portal moves the function of gathering and publishing data out of the hands of IT and into the organization for easier collaboration and knowledge sharing. By leveraging Microsoft® SharePoint® for industry-leading portal infrastructure, Epicor Portal is able to provide a secure and collaborative portal environment that reaches across the enterprise. SharePoint offers rapid deployment, can be implemented with limited or no support, and presents a competitive price point – all critical features for midmarket companies.

    Epicor Portal provides a management console where roles and security settings are maintained. You determine exactly what your portal users can do by creating specific security settings for every Epicor Portal content consumer or group.

    Ease of Use Promotes Effective Data Exchange

    When it comes to effective data exchange within an organization, too much information is often worse than not enough. Epicor Portal provides an easy to use data visualization tool which allows end users to intuitively create data views without any knowledge of the underlying database or querying language. Once these views have been created, they can be published as Microsoft SharePoint Web Parts for use by any qualified user. Data discovery and visualization within SharePoint empowers information workers to build and share key performance indicators and other business events in addition to performing ad-hoc online queries.

    Improve Collaboration and Increase Productivity with Epicor Software Portal

    Epicor Portal allows you to build specific content within a portal and make that content available for use throughout your organization. The ability to provide this level of information access will boost productivity and improve collaboration between your people, departments, and divisions. Additionally, Epicor Portal can provide secure enterprise data access to outside entities such as partners, suppliers, and customers for added visibility and business opportunities.

    Unified View of Your Organization

    Epicor Portal enables transparent and secure interaction with Epicor applications throughout the organization. Epicor Portal views also form the foundation for Epicor Information Worker, a separate solution that enables users to interact with enterprise data from within Microsoft Office.

    Additionally, non-Epicor data sources can be incorporated into security and data discovery wizards to provide an integrated view of your business. Epicor Portal encourages data exchange by enabling users to be more productive, more collaborative, and by providing the means to make better business decisions.

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