• Epicor for Large Business

    Epicor understands that you must manage your business as a single globally integrated enterprise, rather than as a loose collection of independent businesses. You need large business software solutions that increase your agility, but enable you to instill consistent business processes to meet the twin challenges of size and complexity.

    Large Business and Integrated Enterprise Software Solutions That:

    • Increase your agility, enhance your brand. You need to access knowledge trapped in department silos, leverage your collective know-how and go to market as one company. You need to shorten the feedback loop between design, manufacturing and sales, so that products can be introduced simultaneously into markets around the world.
    • Develop a sustainable and flexible IT Infrastructure. More established organizations are challenged by extensive, embedded infrastructures and existing legacy systems. You need integrated enterprise software solutions that are robust enough to replace those aging, disparate systems. Alternatively, new solutions must be flexible enough to bridge between the old and the new, maintaining your operations at an optimum level, and supporting your long term IT strategies.
    • Utilize In-house, outsourced or off-shored services. You need the ability to choose where you want work to be performed; whether you want it done in-house or by an outside partner. Your back office systems must aid in reaching that decision and then enable your business to leverage operations wherever in the world they exist.
    • Provide you with deployment options. Autonomy among your business divisions and sites is a function of culture, geography, history and sometimes just good business sense. You need solutions that can be delivered on demand or on premise to support the various needs and independent approaches within your enterprise.
    • Make the world your market. You need large business software solutions that support international employees, customers and suppliers. You must meet worldwide regulatory challenges, and possess the ability to introduce products and services simultaneously into markets throughout the world.
    • Take your business to the next level. The right software solution can help you transform your operations today and execute on your long-term growth strategies tomorrow.

    Have questions about our Large Business Software Solutions? Please call us at +1-800-999-6995, chat with a specialist, or send us an e-mail.

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