• Inventory Management Software

  • Inventory Management Software from Epicor provides flexibility to lower carrying costs, minimize excess or obsolete inventory, improve cash flow, and increase customer service levels. Epicor distribution software captures information on inventory changes, allowing for accurate data when making purchasing decisions. Your staff will no longer run to the warehouse to confirm item availability because they don’t believe the information in your system. Inventory management software from Epicor means you have data you can trust. In addition, distributors with multiple branches can transfer items between branches and track item usage at the local level.

    Learn about inventory management solutions for these Epicor platforms:

    Inventory Management System

    Inventory Management functionalities found in Epicor software include:

    • Advanced Demand Forecasting
      Advanced Demand Forecasting helps take the guesswork out of ordering the right amount of inventory. Our software uses an intuitive system of industry-proven weighted averages, standard reports, graphical views, and user-defined formulas to identify the unique demand pattern of every item you stock.
    • Lot Billing
      Different orders necessitate different types of purchasing methods. Inventory Management Software allows you to choose between header and itemized purchasing methods to ensure that you meet you customer’s demands as well as your own. With multiple purchasing methods and customized billing methods, you can improve customer service; manage inventory levels; eliminate excessive stock; and coordinate purchasing, pricing, delivery, and accounts receivable.
    • Lot Traceability
      Inventory management software from Epicor gives you the flexibility to track each lot specific to each distributors’ requirements. Our software allows you to assign each lot an individual number, making it easier to track a product’s genealogy and assign numerous attributes to each. Lot traceability functionality gives you better inventory control, more organized processes, and improved customer service.
    • Vendor-Managed Inventory
      Your customers are busy. Our inventory management software gives you the tools you need to access inventory and transfer products from your warehouse to your customers’ locations to satisfy their needs. Get the right product to the right place to fulfill your customers’ needs by tracking item usage at local levels.

    Inventory Management Solutions

    Inventory management functionality is found in Epicor Prophet 21 (formerly Activant Prophet 21) software, Epicor 9 ERP software, Epicor Prelude (formerly Activant Prelude) software, and Epicor Eclipse (formerly Activant Eclipse) software. With better inventory management, you can provide better customer service to your clients worldwide. For more information about inventory management software from Epicor, call 1.800.776.7438 and speak with an Epicor solutions specialist or email us at  info@epicor.com.

  • Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of each industry and are available in the cloud or on premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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