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    How do ERP Solutions Help Your Business?

    Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems help companies manage and simplify their business processes by tying everything together under a single database and interface. When every department or location has its own software and data sources, efficiency suffers. Complicated processes drain time and money. Multiple databases create confusion and duplication. Lack of visibility makes it hard to find and fix problems. An ERP system connects employees with the information they need to support customers, processes, and projects more effectively.

    Integrated software often includes tools for:

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    Aberdeen Report

    Simplify Decision-Making to Grow Your Business with Analytics and ERP

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    Saugatuck Technology Report

    The Business Value of ERP Software Deployment Choice

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    What is ERP?

    Learn more about ERP and how it can help your business grow.

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    ERP Solutions for Every Industry


    Run a leaner shop with Enterprise Resource Planning built for manufacturing.

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    for manufacturers »


    Compete, thrive, and grow in the new digital economy.

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    for distributors »


    Improve profitability and loyalty despite growing competition.

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    Service providers

    Optimize process efficiency and expand your value chain.

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    ERP Solutions From Epicor Help Companies of All Sizes Grow

    Global enterprises

    • Get better visibility into global business processes and supply chain
    • Gain efficiency with end-to-end integration
    • Make better decisions with better data
    • Raise the bar for quality and compliance
    • Improve global communication, collaboration and change management

    Midsized businesses

    • Future-proof your technology initiatives
    • Build a more data-driven, organization
    • Raise the bar for quality and compliance
    • Improve cross-functional communication, collaboration and change management
    • Get better visibility into business processes and supply chain

    Small businesses

    • Fit your budget
    • Minimize the need for IT
    • Connect with your customers and suppliers
    • Improve productivity and collaboration
    • Get up and running quickly
  • ERP Blog

    • Global Compliancy Doesn’t Have to be Hard

      In today’s economy no business is immune to the opportunities, impacts, and challenges of business beyond geographic boundaries. Epicor products are used in 100+ countries around the world where we have been enabling our customers to do business for 40 years.

    • The Power of Choice – Making ERP Easy

      In recent years, cloud-based applications have exploded in availability, acceptance, and use. The value and potential of cloud-based applications is being realized by businesses around the world. IT spending is undergoing a major shift from traditional sources, such as direct server and software license purchases, into cloud computing.

    • Digital Commerce Calling
      To all our manufacturing and distribution customers – digital commerce is calling!  By now, you might have downloaded the Epicor Insights 2017 agenda and possibly excited about the great sessions we have lined up for you.  As the leader of digital commerce at Epicor, I want to share my perspective of what this means to your business and why it is important for you to take action NOW!

    • Work the Way that Suits You Best with Epicor iScala 3.1

      The most obvious and far-reaching change with the latest version of the Epicor iScala ERP solution is in its revamped user experience. The new look and feel makes it easy to tailor the user interface to the specific needs and business functions of the individual, group, department or company. It also accelerates many tasks, from accessing applications and information to data entry and modification.

    • Epicor iScala 3.1—Changing the Way You Work

      The latest release of the Epicor iScala ERP solution offers significant improvements focused on improving user experience, capabilities and value. It beefs up security. It’s much easier to use and its user interface can be adapted to suit individual users, teams or companies. It also introduces the first of a new breed of online and offline mobile application for Google Android and Apple IoS. This automates and simplifies key day-to-day warehouse operations, and more apps will follow. Other areas greatly improved in this release are Finance Management, and Service and Contract Management.

    • Don’t ‘Miss Out’ on Your Latest ERP Technology
      A lot of changes can happen in businesses, from expanding locations to increasing product lines or minimizing workflow processes. Do you have fear of missing out with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution?

    • How ERP Can Help Fuel Your Growth
      Business growth is a complex path that’s both full of promise and fraught with challenge. Recent global research  commissioned by Epicor and conducted by MORAR Consulting shows that while growth is a top objective that manufacturers expect to achieve, they’re concerned about their ability to manage it.

    • Epicor Continues to Shine in 2016, Ranked #1 by SelectHub
      With so many competitors out there on ERP software systems, Epicor succeed secured the number one spot as top solution by SelectHub. 

    • How finance executives can get the accurate data they need—fast
      In the fast-paced, high-tech information age we live in, you might think that accessing real-time, business-critical information is as easy as using your smartphone to find a good restaurant. 

    • How to Jumpstart Your ERP Project
      The Change Acceleration Process, or CAP as it’s more commonly referred to, is a proven methodology that can help you to manage the human aspect of change.

  • Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of distributors and are available in the cloud, hosted, or on premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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