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    Energy and the costs associated with it have never been a hotter topic for businesses than they are today. Rising energy costs, increased price volatility, tighter energy and carbon regulations, and increased stakeholder awareness of sustainability has elevated the commercial importance of energy management within all companies. Epicor Energy Management is designed to aid organizations in their goals to better track, manage, and reduce their overall energy, water & waste costs.

    Trying to save energy without seeing the relevant information is like trying to navigate around a strange city without any road signs, map or satnav: It'll take much longer, you'll miss the easy shortcuts, and you'll never really know how far you've gone or how far you've left to go. Epicor Energy Management goes beyond purely being class- leading software, it is a collaboration between Epicor and companies that provides the tools & knowledge to put in place a strategic energy management plan for your organization based on years of experience and sustainability best practices. The solution provides a single source to identify, analyze, audit, track, manage, benchmark, and report on energy consumption, carbon emissions and environmental impact. Available on-premise, or on-demand in the cloud, whether you are a small business looking to manage data from a single building or a large, global organization looking to fulfil corporate sustainability targets, Epicor Energy Management has a solution for you.

    Energy Management Solution Key Benefits:

    • Increases operational cost savings and drives business performance
    • Qualify ROI in energy reduction investments
    • Comply with Legislation
    • Sustain Profitability and Competitiveness
    • Imbeds corporate social responsibility (CSR) into the business culture as well as enhancing a “green” branding strategy for marketing advantage
    • Enables organizations to remain at the leading edge of innovation, customer service, and compliance
    • Reduces risk through rising energy prices and compliance fines

    Many companies today are finding that implementing energy management initiatives go beyond simple good-citizenship and offer real business opportunities and bottom line savings that can contribute significant financial value to the organization. It is no longer just about compliance, reducing risk, or being a better corporate citizen. With Epicor Energy Management, businesses understand and develop, a plan that leads to staff engagement coupled with a competitive advantage due to improved efficiency both in cost and operational terms.

    According to a report from Gartner, Inc., “Recent economic considerations, such as rising energy prices and burgeoning operating costs, are the primary drivers for current investments in energy management. In addition, environmental and sustainability considerations are pertinent to the business case for many companies—in particular, for those in jurisdictions where greenhouse gases (GHGs) are regulated, or where the brand benefits of improving a company's sustainability scorecard come into play.” 1

    1 Gartner Research Inc. “Energy Management Makes the Difference in Cutting Operational Costs,” by Hiranya Fernando, Leif Eriksen, January 30, 2012

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