• Epicor Helps Firearms Dealers Comply, Perform
    and Grow

    ATF Software

    Epicor software solutions enable firearms retailers and other Federal Firearms Licensees to:

    • Ensure ATF compliance through automated A&D Bound Book management, audits and reconciliations
    • Enhance service to customers through streamlined processes and kiosk-enabled customer forms entry
    • Drive business growth through end-to-end retail business management with best practices built-in
    • Avoid errors and redundant effort through seamless integration of Bound Book and Retail Management solutions

    Discover the high costs of maintaining the status quo in your firearms business.

    Epicor Firearms Business Management Solutions
    grow revenue and profits while staying compliant.

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    Partners for FFL Compliance

    Epicor & Orchid Advisors

    “The dynamic nature of the firearms market indicates the need for advanced technology. Epicor is a leader in technology, and we are proud to collaborate with Epicor to develop FFL Compliance Manager, a cutting-edge solution that could really transform the industry.”
    —Jon Rydberg, CEO of Orchid Advisors

  • Working together, retail business management experts at Epicor, and the premier firearms management consultancy, Orchid Advisors, have designed and built innovative technology that simplifies compliance and helps your business perform better and grow faster.

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