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egic Pricing Pricing Strategy Epicor

Epicor strategic pricing associates help distributors develop an effective pricing strategy, allowing them to become more competitive.

BI: Linking Time-Tested Business Sense to Modern Technologies

There’s no doubt about it – the distribution industry is rapidly changing, spurred on by trends like e-commerce and cloud-based infrastructure while creating new challenges for distribution professionals to overcome.

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Digital Commerce Calling

To all our manufacturing and distribution customers – digital commerce is calling!  By now, you might have downloaded the Epicor Insights 2017 agenda and possibly excited about the great sessions we have lined up for you.  As the leader of digital commerce at Epicor, I want to share my perspective of what this means to your business and why it is important for you to take action NOW!

Next-Generation Manufacturing Operations Management Addresses Key Industry Challenges

While Mom and apple pie is a sure fire cure for homesickness, leveraging the power of MOM – that’s Manufacturing Operations Management – and next generation technology capabilities can assist manufacturers in overcoming some of the greatest challenges they face

ier Relationship Management SRM Epicor

Discover how Epicor supplier relationship management (SRM) software can streamline your business processes.

Four Steps to Mastering Inventory

With inventory being one of a dozen areas to attend to, retailers often have no choice but to spend more time putting out daily "fires" than on refining their inventory mix. What’s more, many are still relying on gut instinct instead of system data to get them through the day, in spite of the time-consuming nature of manual processes.

y Management Software Epicor

Epicor energy management aids organizations to better track, manage, and reduce their overall energy, water & waste costs.