Top Six Resources to Improve your Productivity and User Adoption with Epicor University


Whether you are a customer implementing a new system, or an existing customer looking to improve your knowledge, Epicor University has a wide array of education and documentation deliverables available to help your users improve productivity and increase their satisfaction: 


1.    Online Help and Field Help – The Epicor ERP online help system provides users with program level help, and field help at their fingertips. The Field Help is available from every program in the system, and provides the field definition for each field as you click them on the screen. Also available is the Technical Details screen, which provides detailed database information such as table and field names, field formatting and character length.

2.    Technical Reference Guides – These guides are the most useful and comprehensive documentation in the system! Technical Reference Guides provide very detailed documentation on specific complex topics for example, Job Costing, Inventory Transactions, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), and Configurator, just to name a few. These guides include functional overviews, permutations, calculations, process flow diagrams, and case studies. You can find these in the online help system by searching for “Technical Reference Guides” they are also located on EPICWeb under Documentation.

3.    Feature Summaries – These documents (available online or as a downloadable PDF) contain a concise overview of the new functionality within each Epicor ERP version and service pack release. If you need to know what new features are available in the next release or service pack – check out the Feature Summary within the Help System or on EPICWeb under Documentation.

4.    User Guides – The Epicor ERP User Guides are Illustrated and detailed instructions that walk users through major application functions available in both printed and electronic format. There are several different Guides that focus on Implementation, Application, Tools, Customization, Service Connect, and Epicor Performance Management.

5.    Embedded Courses – With over 100 courses available, this module is the must-have tool to promote life-long learning of your software investment! Used for initial implementation and on-going education, the courses help to get new and existing users educated on how to use the full suite of the Epicor ERP application. The courses are self-paced and online, and use a demonstration database environment to walk users through hands-on workshops for every functional and technical area of the software.

6.    Live Training – Attend an Epicor University live training event with a professional instructor! Check the class schedule on EPICWeb under Education, and review the vast array of courses scheduled with an Epicor instructor. Courses are scheduled in multiple time zones and are delivered virtually over the web, all you need is a phone line and internet connection to join the class. When you enroll, you are provided with a virtual hosted environment and the course materials.

Posted by Amy Melton, WW Director of Education and Delivery, Epicor University


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