Implementing Epicor Helps IMCO with Growth and Revenue


Perrysburg, Ohio-based IMCO Carbide Tool (IMCO) manufactures carbide cutting tools—specifically carbide end mills—that are used in shops for all kinds of milling operations. The company serves clients worldwide in about 40 countries. Family owned and operated, IMCO was founded in 1977.


“Epicor has been an important part of our growth,” says Perry Osborn, president and CEO of IMCO. “Our prior ERP system was a bit outdated in that it didn’t incorporate a lot of modern technology.”

When IMCO put in Epicor, it gained greater visibility into what was happening on the shop floor. They also incorporated Epicor Mattec MES to leverage real-time data from manufacturing operations for the first time. Mattec MES provides instant monitoring and control for IMCO’s production and manufacturing. The system improves productivity by providing accurate, 24/7 manufacturing information of all plant operations.

“I had seen the Mattec MES product at a trade show, and was drawn to how we could get access to the shop floor data in real time,” says Osborn. ”That had been a missing piece to what we were doing.”

Osborn cites two significant areas where Mattec helps their business:

  • Immediate visibility to a problem. If something isn’t going right, they know it quickly and can address it quickly.
  • Precise and timely information. The Epicor system has operations where a company can define their method of manufacture and set a cycle time for a particular operation. IMCO learned within six months of implementing Mattec that their cycle time numbers were grossly inflated. They were 20 percent higher than the actual cycle times. They also learned the set up times they had put into the system were grossly inaccurate. The real times were actually longer. So Mattec enables the company to see the real details of operations more clearly.

“Mattec impacts both revenue and growth,” says Osborn. “Revenue usually comes because you’re making customers happy. Mattec allows us to do that more effectively. Now we can provide more accurate feedback to customer inquiries. If we’re more accurate telling customers when they’re going to receive something, it usually translates into revenue.”

Osborn notes that working with Epicor support has been excellent. “After implementation, we had questions,” he says, which is to be expected after installing a new, major system. “Every time I called, I reached a competent, qualified person. We never had to call twice.”

For the complete interview with Perry Osborn on his company’s experience with Epicor ERP and Epicor Mattec MES, you can see the short video here.

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