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    Today’s retail businesses seldom suffer from a lack of information. Modern, integrated systems generate a continual flood of data on everything from inventory conditions to sales and merchandise transactions to customer behavior. As a result, the real challenge has been to selectively access the right data, then transform it into clear analyses that help retailers quickly understand what’s happening and take action to improve their performance—at the moment and over time.

    Epicor Retail Business Intelligence meets this challenge head on. Using a data warehouse and cube optimized for queries, custom reporting with automatic drill downs, rich analysis capabilities, dashboards to monitor critical business metrics, plus a variety of direct action tools, our BI solution lets you:

    • Reach and analyze hidden data to uncover trends.
    • Build more effective, insightful reports.
    • Leverage dashboards and KPIs.
    • Centrally control key functions in multiple solutions.

    The result? Epicor Retail Business Intelligence gives you a clearer view of your business, the insights you need to make correct decisions, and the means to implement them quickly—for a superior command of your operations and a substantial advantage over your toughest business competition.

    For additional information, contact us at retailinfo@epicor.com

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