• Automotive Aftermarket Enterprise Software

  • Automotive warehouse distributors face an unusual challenge: moving products up and down a supply chain whose tiers operate with varying objectives and expectations. Epicor® Vision Automotive Aftermarket Enterprise Software, formerly Activant Vision®, connects every part of your enterprise, linking your auto parts distribution centers, company-owned parts stores, independent jobbers, program buying groups, and service and repair shop operations. Flexible setup options, role-based feature access, and a rich visual presentation let you tailor your Vision enterprise software system to meet your unique goals at each level of your automotive aftermarket enterprise. Whether the "tiers" of your automotive aftermarket business reside across the street or across state lines, your business management applications should reside in only one place: Epicor Vision Automotive Aftermarket Enterprise Software system.

    Epicor Vision for Auto Parts Warehouse Distributors

    From one screen, Vision lets you access inventory at all locations, quickly fill customer orders, and place special orders. You can set up consistent pricing structures to help you earn the highest possible margins and create effective customer loyalty programs. Vision allows you to create low-margin order alerts and credit checks, prompting you when it's time to follow-up on exception orders. Vision helps you expand sales, provide exceptional service at every level of your business with online sourcing and trading, and also enables other key benefits:

    • View real-time inventory, pick parts from any location, and balance overstock
    • Manage order activity across your enterprise to fill more orders, more quickly
    • Serve your customers with more targeted pricing strategies while managing profit margins
    • Automate routine processes to manage by exception
    • Streamline inventory control by providing detailed information about parts demand for each store’s local area through category management.

  • Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of each industry and are available in the cloud or on premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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