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    Eclipse Mobile Showroom

    Offer a Better Showroom Experience and Grow Your
    Distribution Business

    End trips to the counter to check pricing or product information. Now your sales people can walk the showroom floor with customers, answer questions on the spot, and build better relationships. Eclipse Mobile Showroom empowers sales people to:

    • Find product information fast using the mobile barcode reader or iBeacon.
    • Build, manage, and submit bids to the Eclipse system from anywhere in the showroom.
    • Follow up with prospects and turn them into customers.

    Going Mobile to Disappear

    Access Information Instantly

    Offer immediate answers about product inventory, specifications, and pricing. The showroom app uses the camera on your device to scan product barcodes, so you can find accurate information and start building orders.

    Going Mobile to Disappear

    Build Customer Relationships

    Mobile order entry frees your sales team from the counter. Now they can focus on customers where they are while staying connected with your Eclipse system.

    Going Mobile to Disappear

    Create a Seamless Experience

    Use Eclipse Mobile Showroom with iBeacon for convenient proximity pop-ups. Items near your device will display on-screen for even faster information access and bid creation.

    Going Mobile to Disappear

    Going Mobile to Disappear

    Epicor knows that distributors have three primary goals when it comes to their showrooms. Read our blog post to learn how Eclipse Mobile Showroom can help you meet those goals while improving the productivity of your sales team.

    Improve the employee experience

    Improve the customer experience

    Grow sales

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