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White's Lumber and Building Supply has been selling professional products to contractors, builders and do-it-yourselfers for over 120 years. Founded in 1892, they have four locations in New York State, and a loyal clientele that can always count on excellent service, knowledgeable and professional staff, and quality products.

Recently the company was looking to upgrade its software to a package that would improve their business operations, reduce paperwork, and provide other efficiencies. They turned to Epicor BisTrack software. The program helps building materials distributors and dealers manage complex sales, inventory control, and other business transactions, with outstanding support for softwood and hardwood products.

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"We were looking for more of a mainstream platform to base the software package on and the BisTrack solution was the only one in the industry. BisTrack also came highly recommended by other folks in our industry."

Brad White, President | White’s Lumber and Building Supply
Company Facts
  • Location: Watertown, New York
  • Industry: Lumber and Building Materials
  • Sales Profile: 65% pro, 35% retail
  • Number of Locations: 4
  • Number of Employees: 100
  • Web site:  www.whiteslumber.com

  • Company wanted to improve business operations, reduce paperwork, and provide other efficiencies

  • Epicor BisTrack

  • More timely and accurate information for sales and finance
  • Purchase orders more closely match vendor invoices
  • Better controls in place for special orders
  • Higher inventory turns

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“We first heard about BisTrack software in an issue of the Lumber Cooperator,” says Brad White, president of White's Lumber. “We were looking for more of a mainstream platform to base the software package on and the BisTrack solution was the only one in the industry. BisTrack also came highly recommended by other folks in our industry.”

More timely and accurate

According to Vice President Ted White, the BisTrack solution gives White's Lumber more timely and accurate information on the sales and financial ends. “We've implemented some procedures in BisTrack that will make our purchasing more timely, more accurate, and make our purchase orders more closely match the invoice coming from the vendor,” says Ted White. “Tying in the Scan Track application and getting the documents and acknowledgements scanned in and attached to the purchase order results in a complete information flow all the way through. That's one of the key things we were looking for in a new system.”

“I've seen some big pluses in finding orders. The staff is right into BisTrack solution now and it's helping them write orders. It ensures we have the controls in place for special orders. With the BisTrack solution, we're writing orders up before they arrive as opposed to afterwards as we used to do. It's tough to turn around and argue about an order if the paperwork relates back to exactly what you submitted. Previously we could not even go back and find the related paperwork,” says Ted White.

Improving the bottom line

“We saw an increase in inventory turns last year. Now, we have timely access to reports and on-screen information that we didn't have access to before,” says Brad White. “The mistakes are down and the invoices going out to customers are more accurate. Before BisTrack, we would invoice at point of sale (POS) and if there were changes made to the order, we would have to completely credit the sale and then re-invoice it.”

“Another thing we now have more knowledge of is the ability to input photographs of products. The flexibility of that and the ability to sell products in different quantities makes a world of difference,” says Brad White.

Easy-to-learn interface

For IT Manager, Tom Miller, the transition to the BisTrack solution has been a smooth one.“The modern interface made BisTrack easy to learn. When you go live, you have some concerns and areas you don't understand. Epicor has been extremely responsive and always has answers to our questions. Now, we're settled in and comfortable with BisTrack, and starting to take advantage of its power with purchasing, accounts receivable, and general ledger.

To companies looking for new business solutions software, I'd say pick a company you can see yourself doing business with for several years down the road and where your culture is similar to theirs. It's very important. Thankfully, we have that with Epicor Software.”

Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of manufacturers and are available in the cloud or on premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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