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Westmart Building Center

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Westmart Building Center Improves Inventory Management with Epicor Eagle Mobile Solution

In 2009, Westmart Building Center needed to better manage its inventory. They implemented the Epicor Eagle Mobile solution in order to more quickly access item information, stock shelves, and improve buying decisions.

Managing Inventory From the Floor Instantly

Using Eagle Mobile devices, Westmart employees see the information they need to manage inventory immediately. "Eagle Mobile displays a huge amount of information that wasn't in our previous solution," says Ken Damon, inventory manager of Westmart Building Center. "I can see extended user codes, sales histories, and purchase orders on Eagle Mobile, all without having to return to my desk. In essence, I have my IMU with me. Nearly 90 percent of the questions I have about an item can be answered from the floor. Eagle Mobile is very convenient and really increases my efficiency."

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"The Eagle Mobile solution has contributed to additional time savings and easier inventory processes. It's fast accurate, and easy to use."

Ken Damon, Inventory Manager | Westmart Building Center
Company Facts
  • Location: West Yellowstone, Montana
  • Industry: Lumber and Building Materials

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Ken also quickly scans specific items with the Eagle Mobile device and returns to his computer for more in-depth analysis. "I can collect information on a number of items by simply scanning them on the floor and then look at their performance in an Eagle viewer," explains Ken. "It used to be more time consuming to determine which SKUs I wanted to include in a viewer report. Eagle Mobile provides me an easier way to select exactly what I want to view."

Shelving and Training Made Easy

Westmart has discovered a time-saving benefit of the Eagle Mobile solution-the flexibility to change item locations in minutes. "We're able to move a four-foot section containing 200 SKUs from one area to another in less than five minutes," notes Ken. "Before it would take half a day of writing down numbers and then typing them into the system. Now it's faster, and more accurate."

Training new hires has also become easier with Eagle Mobile. "When new hires have questions about where an item belongs, they can scan the item, and Eagle Mobile displays the location code," adds Ken. "Our newest person started yesterday and is putting freight away today. Since the information she needs is on Eagle Mobile, she doesn't have to depend on another employee for help."

Faster Buying Decisions

Eagle Mobile offers Ken greater ordering flexibility. "It's a lot faster and easier to add additional quantity to an order while I'm walking through the store," says Ken. "I can see how many items I have on order on the Eagle Mobile display. If I want to order more, I can update the new order quantity instantly. I can make that decision quickly because I have all the information I need. Eagle Mobile has saved us a lot of time and effort."

Ken concludes, "Overall, the Eagle Mobile solution has contributed to additional time-savings and easier inventory processes. It's fast, accurate, and easy to use. I recommend the Eagle Mobile solution."

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