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Vacon develops, manufacture and sell AC drives that boost the performance of electric motors and save energy. An AC drive adjusts the speed of an electric motor according to the real process need, typically reducing energy consumption by 20- 50%. Vacon customers benefit by being able to optimize their operations, save and produce energy more efficiently and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Vacon has production and R&D facilities in Europe, Asia and North America, and sales offices in 32 countries. In addition, they have sales representatives and service partners in nearly 90 countries. With revenues of EUR409 million in 2014, Vacon employs approximately 1,600 people globally.

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"We're confident that the EKM can help our users become more proficient and contribute to decreased costs for training and support in the long term."

Mika Penttilä, Chief Information Officer| Vacon
Company Facts
  • Location: Finland
  • Industry: Manufacturing - AC drives
  • Web site:

  • New ERP system in place meant that Vacon needed a new and more efficient process for creating training materials

  • Epicor Knowledge Mentor

  • Fast return on investment
  • Caters for various learning styles
  • Increasing ERP system user proficiency and knowledge levels

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Vacon has been an Epicor iScala ERP user since 1996, with the system acting as the backbone of their operations. More recently, Vacon started a new ERP project to support the growing business going forward. This brought on a need to train employees to use the new ERP system. "Our previous system training consisted mainly of face-to-face sessions or virtual training via Microsoft Lync, combined with lots of PowerPoint slide decks," says Mika Penttilä, Chief Information Officer for Vacon. "It was a disparate situation that worked for a smaller amount of users but now that we introduced another ERP system we needed to set up a more streamlined and efficient process. We wanted to create effective training material that could be easily shared and came across the Epicor Knowledge Mentor during our search for the ideal tool."

The Epicor Knowledge Mentor (EKM) enables users to easily create, deploy and manage custom role-based training and documentation from a single content database. The various outputs can be designed to meet multiple learning styles, thereby increasing user adoption and retention rates. The system training can be based on customisable templates and users can view steps, be shown where to go, where to click and how to work through processes step by step. It makes it easy for them to practice how to use the system within a safe environment.

After implementing the EKM key staff from Vacon went on a two day live training course in order to understand how to best use the tool. "The live training was crucial for us because the EKM is quite a complex application and we needed the guidance in order to see the 'big picture'," says Heidi Sandberg, Documentation Specialist for Vacon. Sandberg is part of the ERP system development team and her focus is on creating teaching material and work guides. She is one of the key users of EKM and knows the system very well. She continues, "The instructor was a good teacher and the books that were used during the training were very useful. I learnt a lot during the live sessions and afterwards it was much easier to continue the self-study because I had a better understanding of the important areas that I needed to learn more about. Also, once I understood the 'big picture', the small details made more sense."

The EKM provides a fast return on investment because users can quickly apply their skills and create materials that can in turn help employees become more productive faster. "I was able to apply the skills that I had learned during the live training to my daily job in just two weeks," says Sandberg. "This meant that it was easy to start creating new training materials and also easy to train others to use the EKM."

In addition, the EKM helps content creators to cater for individual learning styles. "We have now recorded all the main processes and use cases for the new ERP system with the EKM and published these on our intranet," says Penttilä. "Because the content can be tailored to meet several learning styles we're confident that the EKM can help our users become more proficient and contribute to decreased costs for training and support in the long term."

The EKM can help an organisation save time and improve the return on their ERP system investment because training material can be created quickly and easily, in multiple languages. It's easy to share the content and the EKM uses a single source capture to ensure consistency and accuracy.

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