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Company Facts
• Location: Waco, Texas
• Industry: Automotive
• Number of Stores: 1
• Employees: 13

“Prism really works for heavy-duty. Our Prism system is a valuable asset that helps us make sure our operation runs as efficiently as possible.”
Nathan Holecek, Owner | Truckmotive

Prism Helps Truckmotive Service Over 600 Accounts

Strategically located off busy Interstate 35 in Waco, Texas, Truckmotive has been selling heavy-duty replacement parts to local construction fleets, trucking companies and independent service dealers for more than 50 years. A satisfied user of the Epicor Prism business management solution for nearly 20 years, Truckmotive credits the Prism system with providing the fundamental service, inventory and financial efficiencies that have enabled the company to consistently satisfy the needs of more than 600 regional accounts. Truckmotive and the Prism solution are an “excellent fit,” says owner Nathan Holecek.

The Most Efficient Inventory Wins

Fleets and other heavy-duty customers understand the true costs of downtime. Needless to say, these businesses aren't willing to wait for a special order from their preferred distributor when the component might be available from another source. That's why inventory efficiency-driven by accurate, timely business intelligence-is a key differentiator in today's heavy-duty marketplace.

The Prism system helps Truckmotive manage its inventory and maintain optimal stocking levels-having the right parts in stock and not having excess quantities of slow-moving parts. “I place most of our orders based on a combination of timely, accurate Prism inventory reports and my knowledge of our customers and historical business patterns. I trust Prism to tell me what's on the shelf, what's selling and what's not. Prism's point-of-sale is integrated with inventory so we have an up-to-the-minute view of our inventory levels,” Nathan explains. “Heavy-duty parts can be very expensive and very large, which makes managing inventory critical to our success. I can't imagine trying to place orders without our Prism reports.”

Truckmotive built its reputation on customer service, which in part is having stock of the parts customers need. It's imperative that inventory is accurate. “When a customer calls for a part, and the system shows one in stock, we know that it's there. Our Prism system gives us the confidence to say 'We have it!' Our customers trust us and we trust our Prism system,” continues Nathan.

Prism Fuels Sales Success

Prism helps Truckmotive quickly process customer orders. Countermen appreciate the ability to easily look up prices and part numbers by entering part of the item description. “I really appreciate how easy it is to train new countermen on the system. In a matter of days, they are proficient at placing orders, and we just have to train them on the heavyduty parts business,” Nathan says. “Prism is fast and easy to use which allows us to deliver fast service. Our customers are busy running their own businesses. They don't have time to be on the phone waiting for us to look up information or process their orders.”

Truckmotive relies on two outside salesmen to service remote accounts, and they too rely on the Prism system. Every morning they see reports detailing customer orders that are ready for delivery. Another report details historical purchases, which are used to plan sales calls. “Our salesmen work with their customers to ensure that they can keep their fleets running. Some days, our salesmen make deliveries, and other days they visit customers that haven't ordered from us in awhile. In either case, Prism provides the information needed for them to be successful,” describes Nathan.

Managing Customer Accounts for Consistent Cash Flow

Nearly all of Truckmotive's business is on account. By using the Prism system's automated AR reports that identify past-due customers, Truckmotive's office staff proactively manages accounts before they become a problem. “We run weekly aging reports so we can both call and send letters to past-due customers throughout the month. When we need to place a customer on credit-hold and convert them to a cash account, we simply update their profile in the system and the next time a counterman or salesman enters an order, they see that the customer is cash-only. It really helps us reduce risk and increase collections,” explains Kathlina Perez, accounts receivables and collection manager.

Prism Runs the Entire Business

Nathan receives several reports every day that aid him in managing the business. In addition to the inventory reports, he has access to daily sales data by customer and salesperson, accounts receivable and accounts payable. “Every day I rely on Prism reports to give me an accurate picture of the business. I use that information to make sales, pricing, inventory and financial decisions,” asserts Nathan. “I compare current information with historical information which gives me a good understanding of how we are doing. I like that I can view information on the screen, print a report or export the data to a spreadsheet. Prism is flexible to work the way I like to work.”

“We've been using Prism for many years and I find that its functionality really works for heavy-duty. Our inventory is accurate, and we're continually using Prism to help improve customer service. Our Prism system is a valuable asset that helps us make sure our operation runs as efficiently as possible,” concludes Nathan.

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