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Townsend Building Supply

Company Facts


  • Location: Enterprise, Alabama
  • Industry: Lumber and Building Materials
  • Sales Profile: 70% Contractor, 30% Retail
  • Number of Locations: 4 branches, 1 truss plant
  • Web site: www.townsendbuildingsupply.com

“We made the right decision going with BisTrack software. It’s an investment that is going to pay off.” 

Turner Townsend, Vice President | Townsend Building Supply




An integral tool to support operations


Townsend Building Supply has big plans to grow, and see the Epicor BisTrack solution as an integral tool to support their strategic efforts to centralize common functions, improve cash flow and asset utilization, and gain efficiencies throughout the operation. “I had a ‘eureka’ moment during a planning session,” says Michael Townsend, Vice President at Townsend Building Supply. “I realized that if we were serious about our long term plans, we needed software that would support us in the long run. That’s why we went with BisTrack software.”

Support for added branches and manufacturing

“We liked BisTrack. It had everything all in one,” Townsend continues. “We were confident that we wouldn’t have to worry about upgrading in another five or six years because we had outgrown a cheaper product.” Townsend’s plan is to grow by adding new branch operations, new customers, and new product and service offerings. They acquired two branch locations in 2009 and in 2011, within a month of BisTrack go live, Townsend acquired a truss plant. “At that point, I was really glad we went with BisTrack,” says Townsend. “BisTrack has everything that we needed to add manufacturing to our business. I have a feeling I would have regretted it if I had not gone with BisTrack.”

Working faster and smarter

Less than four months after going live, Townsend says he saw their investment in BisTrack starting to pay off, and Townsend continues to see significant efficiency improvements. “The first thing we’ve noticed is a huge reduction in paper,” he remarks. “We use the signature pad so that when we print an invoice, it’s also our signed collection note. And in purchasing we’ve gone down from three pieces of paper to one. Our Accounts Payable staff says they’re getting their jobs done a lot quicker now. They’re not spending near as much time processing all that paperwork, I’m already looking at ways I can shift work around to utilize those employees in other ways to, hopefully, improve efficiencies in other departments.”

“We’re also using BisTrack for work orders and scheduling in the truss plant. Invoicing and pricing are much more efficient,” says Turner Townsend, Vice President. “The integration with our truss design software and the use of BisTrack’s suggested orders provide a good system to forecast inventory needs and improve inventory control.”

Empowered by Windows platform

Michael Townsend says he sees employees empowered by the familiarity of the Windows®-based user interface. “My credit manager’s job is a whole lot easier,” says Townsend, explaining that she communicates with customers on her AR Aging Smart View using Microsoft® Outlook® via the BisTrack Outlook® Integration feature. “She knows who she needs to write letters to. It takes her about five seconds to pick the letter, add the address and details, right click, and the letter prints.

“We really liked the very tight integration with the Windows platform,” he continues. “Other pieces of software say they’re compatible and they’re integrated with Windows, but BisTrack is the only one I’ve seen that really is. We saw the things that BisTrack did that aren’t possible with other pieces of software.”

Townsend acknowledges they’re only just beginning to see some of the benefits that come from BisTrack’s easy access to data. “We want to become more efficient at managing our customers, our employees and our sales staff. I think we’ll be mining more and more data in the coming years.”

Time for strategic planning

Having BisTrack hosted has freed up Michael Townsend’s time and relieved some worries so that he can direct his attention to strategic endeavors. “75% of my headaches are gone,” he says.

Having experienced some quick returns from the use of BisTrack, Townsend is now focusing on tighter control of margins and inventory turns, centralizing and optimizing functions common to all branches, and integrating value-added services to contribute to profitable growth. “We made the right decision going with BisTrack and secureHosting,” says Turner Townsend. “It’s an investment that is going to pay off.”

Success Highlights:


  • Implement software with longevity
  • Improve staff efficiency


  • BisTrack


  • Higher staff efficiency
  • Half the paper consumption
  • Centralized purchasing and dispatch
  • Confidence in longevity of software platform
  • Time to focus on strategic plans