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TIMCO Aerosystems

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Epicor PLM helps TIMCO Aerosystems provide faster time-to-delivery to satisfy growing customer demand

TIMCO Aerosystems is the leading designer and manufacturer of interior modifications to commercial aircrafts. Headquartered in Greensboro, NC, with remote sites in Atlanta, Seattle and Los Angeles, TIMCO Aerosystems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TIMCO Aviation Services; further positioning TIMCO Aerosystems to provide customers with modification touch labor and installation services as well. Unique in its ability to efficiently handle each phase in-house, from development to certification, TIMCO Aerosystems' interior products-carpets, seats, galleys, lavatories, and more-are constructed out of state-of-the-art materials, and are designed to deliver maximum performance and durability at minimum weight.

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"TIMCO Aerosystems is realizing the rewards of its Epicor implementation. Customers have benefited via lower costs and faster deliveries, which has resulted in additional customer demand."

Vic Drecchio, ERP manager | TIMCO Aerosystems
Company Facts
  • Location: Greensboro, NC
  • Industry: Aircraft Interior Retrofitting & Overhaul
  • Number of Locations: 5
  • Web site: www.timco.aero/aerosystems

  • Needed an enterprise package that could grow with the company, was fully integrated with the capability to span all departments

  • Epicor ERP

  • Achieved superior collaboration by streamlining the flow of information between engineers and operators
  • Implemented new digital archive to locate CAD drawings for reusable components easier and faster
  • Increased the speed at which a product goes from design to prototype to finished goods, and with better quality
  • Turned customer service into a competitive advantage by meeting customer demand faster and easier

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In the aviation industry, no one airplane is built the same. So when a commercial carrier or an OEM taps TIMCO Aerosystems to redesign the interior of an aircraft, each finished product varies from plane to plane. Passenger seats, galleys, lavatories, and overhead bins all differ in exact specifications depending on the cabin space. As such, every finished product is built to unique specifications. Fortunately, TIMCO Aerosystems is one of the few ODA certified integrators that can support its customers with everything needed to fulfill interior modifications requirements, including planning, design, project management, standard and custom interiors products, and certification services.

The Challenges Prompting a PLM Implementation

TIMCO Aerosystems is a heavy engineer-to-order manufacturer and needed a fully-integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to support the entire process, from initial concept and design, to manufacturing and thereafter. Furthermore, TIMCO Aerosystems required a single-source information system that could bridge the communication gap between the engineering and operations departments.

TIMCO Aerosystems' previous homegrown solution didn't interface with its CAD software, which resulted in a lack of proper visibility into already existing drawings and design documents, and lead to the repeated design of parts-all of which equaled wasted labor, high costs, and extended time-todelivery. Before, when the company received a customer order to build a galley, for example, engineers were recreating new design documents because there was no visibility into previous design models for reusable parts and components.

The described business challenges are what prompted TIMCO Aerosystems to champion a team to search for an end-to-end ERP solution with a robust product lifecycle management (PLM) solution to help streamline the flow of information between engineers and operators, and achieve better collaboration. Implementing a PLM solution would provide a digital archive for engineers and operators to access drawings, bill of materials (BOM), and product descriptions and instructions that could be re-used for similar products and comparable projects, thus increasing speed, quality and productivity.

Epicor: The Great Communicator and Liaison

TIMCO Aerosystems implemented Epicor ERP, and simultaneously Epicor PLM. In the beginning, intercompany acceptance was a challenge. The new system confined workers to new workflow processes and boundaries, and required them to adjust to a new daily routine. However, very shortly after implementation, employees began to see the results of their efforts, and management quickly realized that the company was significantly saving time and money.

"Epicor acts as a great liaison and communicator between Engineering and Operations," said Vic Drecchio, ERP manager, TIMCO Aerosystems. "Because of the efficiencies we have gained, we are implementing Epicor at our remote offices. Having seen what we have achieved with Epicor, they are very eager to join our enterprise solution."

The Benefits

Locating Reusable Parts

With Epicor PLM, part attributes are catalogued making it easy for engineers to search through a parts database and find CAD drawings for reusable components. Creating engineering drawings can take anywhere from 10 to 20 hours, with additional time to receive certifications. Now it takes less than 20 minutes to find existing drawings, and drill down to review previous approvals and certifications.

Improved Response Time to Customer Changes

Epicor PLM has helped to increase the speed at which a product can go from design to prototype to finished goods, and with better quality too. Epicor PLM is extremely flexible and can accommodate changes as the product is being built.

One of TIMCO Aerosystems' favorite "hidden" values is total integration. When an order comes in, the BOM is pushed to the Epicor engineering workbench using Epicor PLM. Attached with the BOM and parts are engineering documents, such as CAD drawings and reference notes, which the shop floor can now view from their Manufacturing Execution System (MES) instead of using other isolated resources to get the information. This cures abrupt project hand-offs to operations, and creates a seamless flow of information between engineering and production.

Faster Time-to-Delivery

With Epicor, TIMCO Aerosystems is able to satisfy growing customer demand faster and easier, turning customer service into a competitive advantage.

"TIMCO Aerosystems is realizing the rewards of its Epicor implementation. Customers have benefited via lower costs and faster deliveries, which has resulted in additional customer demand." said Drecchio.

As a result, the company introduced a new plant near Winston- Salem, North Carolina to keep pace with its increasing demand for their aircraft seating line.

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