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Themed Attractions and Resorts Sdn. Bhd.

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Themed Attractions and Resorts Sdn. Bhd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional Berhad, was incorporated in June 2009 to develop and operate theme parks and attractions in Malaysia. Serving as a catalyst for the leisure and tourism industry, Themed Attractions has brought premier international theme parks and attractions such as Hello Kitty Town, HiT Entertainment's Little Big Club and KidZania to Malaysia.

The company's objective is to enhance the leisure and tourism industry in Malaysia, with a special focus on families. Themed Attractions aims to reinvent Malaysia as a premier destination for theme park attractions by leveraging on both global and local brands of attraction in providing more options for holiday destinations for local and international tourists.

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"Epicor, more than any other vendor, provided the functionality and flexibility that suited our business needs."

Albert Tan, Head of Information Technology | Themed Attractions
Company Facts
  • Location: Malaysia
  • Industry: Amusement and attractions
  • Number of Employees: 96
  • Web site: www.tar.com.my

  • Newly established company with developing business needs
  • Urgent requirement for financial and accounting procedures
  • Short implementation timeline

  • Epicor Next-Generation ERP

  • Scalable ERP platform with the flexibility to support the organisation's future business processes
  • Consolidated financial and project management capabilities
  • Integrated information system providing support across a number of centrally managed operations
  • Greater control over procurement workflow

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As a newly incorporated company, Themed Attraction's business environment was continually developing, constantly challenging their business processes. The company conducted an analysis of their enterprise IT solutions before deciding to implement a fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. As a new company, Themed Attractions did not possess an information system prior to implementing Epicor ERP and information was collected in a number of repositories where data was not accessible over an integrated system.

Albert Tan, Head of Information Technology, Themed Attractions says, "We conducted an analysis of our operations and identified our IT infrastructure as an area where we could dedicate greater resources and financial investment. We did not have a solution in place to help integrate our information, manage our projects and provide accounting and financial support to our operations. With multiple projects underway and new developments in the pipeline, we knew that it was necessary to introduce an IT system. After careful consideration, we made the decision to search for an ERP solution."

As a newly incorporated entity, Themed Attraction's developing business needs proved to be one of the biggest challenges prior to implementation. Uncertainty over the company's requirements and a lack of clarity regarding their future business needs placed a high premium on the acquisition of a scalable and flexible ERP solution. The solution would need to be easily integrated with external implementations as well as providing an extensive product range for additional modules and add-ons.

As a young company, with new supplier accounts and invoices beginning to filter in, Themed Attraction's need for an accounting system began to grow. The company's need to introduce a financial system to support their operations within a short space of time placed a high importance on finding a vendor with a fast implementation timeline and methodical execution. Themed Attractions also wanted to streamline their accounting and procurement processes.

Tan explains, "We were given a very tight timeline to set up our basic financial system. We had three and half months to go live with particular financial and accounting applications and the remaining implementations needed totake place over the next six months."


Themed Attractions began their search for an ERP solution by first researching a number of industry leading ERP vendors. The company established a selection committee comprising of future system users from across various departments. The selection committee took into account the total cost of ownership of each product and was suitably impressed with the quality of solutions on offer.

A number of core business functions focusing on aspects of functionality, scalability and flexibility were identified and each solution was measured within these parameters. The selection committee assessed the competing solutions based on the key selection criteria, initially narrowing their search down to three.

Tan says, "We also looked at other solution providers in the market, however, we felt that they did not match our needs in an operating environment. We found Epicor were better placed to provide for our needs. We felt the Epicor solution offered the key capabilities and it could better align with our implementation timeline. Epicor, more than any other vendor, provided the functionality and flexibility that suited our business needs."

Themed Attractions chose Epicor's Next-Generation ERP solution. Epicor was selected due to its flexible platform, strong financial andaccounting functionality, and procurement and project management capabilities. Implementation of the Epicor system began almost immediately under a strict timeline for completion.

The flexibility of the Epicor ERP solution played an integral role in Themed Attraction's decision to partner with Epicor. "We are a young company in terms of business years. We needed a system that would allow for future functionality and the unknown elements of our future operating environment. Epicor's ability to provide us with a flexible platform from which to grow our IT applications was a significant factor in our decision," explains Tan.

Procurement played an important role in the Themed Attractions' adoption of Epicor. The company was looking to control the flow from requisitions and purchase orders to invoicing and accounts payable.

"We are a young company in terms of business years. We needed a system that would allow for future functionality and the unknown elements of our future operating environment. Epicor's ability to provide us with a flexible platform from which to grow our IT applications was a significant factor in our decision."
Albert Tan, Head of Information Technology

Themed Attractions also required a solution that could facilitate order management and enable them to maintain their product catalogue internally.

Tan says, "With so many major projects underway, it was important that we introduce a solution that would allow us to track what we are spending, as opposed to what we have budgeted. Additionally, our ongoing costs for a particular project are integrated with our payment system which removes the duplication of effort across varying roles."


Themed Attractions has found great benefit and operational support from the introduction of Epicor Financial Management. The solution offers a suite of accounting applications built for a highly regulated business environment, supporting effective financial management and control, from a single general ledger to an extended global enterprise.

Doris Moh, IT Applications Manager, ThemedAttractions says, "We are currently using Epicor's Financial Management module for general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management and asset management. These elements of the financial module have provided us with greater control over our finances."

Increased benefits in the area of procurement have been another positive development in Themed Attraction's implementation of Epicor ERP. Epicor Procurement simplifies the purchasing process throughout the company's operations. The procurement solution is designed to help companies implement their purchasing management strategy for a greater return on investment.

Moh says, "We are heavily using the Epicor Procurement module for our PO (purchase order) creation and we are moving forwardto use the module for our inventory management as well."

Tan adds, "We implemented Epicor Procurement to gain greater control over our procurement work flow and to increase visibility. The procurement module has allowed us initiate greater control over the company's purchasing processes. We were able to introduce a limit of authority, controlling how much an individual can approve. This control is providing us with great benefit."

With the benefits of Epicor ERP having an immediate impact on the daily operations and in planning of Themed Attraction's future developments, the company is looking to expand its application of Epicor's ERP solution in the future.

Tan says, "Epicor will be used to support our daily operations across our theme parks. We willenable all aspects of the business using the Epicor solution where it is applicable to our subsidiaries. All financials and procurement will be managed through Epicor. This will provide us with the benefit of centralized control and will integrate our data across multiple sites."

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