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Thacker Ace Hardware has been in business since 1980 offering general hardware items to homeowners and residents in Petersburg, Virginia. No stranger to technology, Thacker has depended on a computer system since 1988, but switched from a RockSolid POS® system to the Epicor Eagle business management solution to gain a competitive edge. Barry Spain, owner of Thacker Ace Hardware recalls, “We had a couple of problems with RockSolid. If I had seen how powerful the Eagle system was before, I would have chosen Eagle software instead of RockSolid. I think our business would have advanced more if we had gone with Epicor Eagle from the beginning.”

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If I had seen how powerful the Epicor Eagle system was before, I would have chosen Eagle instead of RockSolid POS. I think our business would have advanced more if we had gone with Eagle from the beginning.

Barry Spain, Owner | Thacker Ace Hardware
Company Facts
  • Location: Petersburg, Virginia
  • Industry: Hardware and Home Center
  • Number of Locations: 1
  • Affiliation: Ace Hardware

  • Monitoring inventory and profitability
  • Slow point of sale
  • Manual data backups

  • Epicor Eagle
  • Epicor Eagle Mobile Inventory
  • Epicor Secure Data Backup

  • Monitored margins and solved issues throughout the day
  • Increased inventory accuracy with less effort
  • Poised for current and future business growth

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Painless transition to Epicor Eagle

The conversion from RockSolid to Epicor went well for Thacker Ace Hardware. “The data conversion was smooth,” said Spain. “Epicor has a large and knowledgeable implementation team. We didn't have to do much, just allow the team to access our data. They also did a great job with employee training. We were ready for go-live throughout our business. Our Epicor Local Platform Specialist is always available for us. If we need something, we e-mail or call in a service request, and he's quickly here to help us. It gives us peace of mind.”

Improved Point of Sale

Thacker's improved the store's point of sale (POS) processes. “We had difficulty using the RockSolid cash register and credit card processing,” said Spain. “Epicor Eagle at POS works more smoothly, and we can perform more tasks and look up items quickly. Credit card processing is also faster.”

More convenient inventory management capabilities

Spain uses an inventory service to assist Thacker's employees with counting and identifying potential inventory problems. “We use Mango reports through Ace which gives us customized count sheets each month,” said Spain. “It identifies problem items and errors in the system. We use it in conjunction with Epicor Eagle Mobile Inventory for bin tagging and changing floor locations. Mobile Inventory software enables us to make changes and corrections while on the sales floor. As we count, we can print out the tag at the same time. We use it daily, and it's a very convenient functionality we didn't have with RockSolid.”

Thacker's had very accurate inventories with levels at 95-97%, a feat that is now easier to pull off with Epicor Eagle software. “Epicor Eagle makes it significantly easier to maintain our accuracy,” said Spain. “We view inventory, sales, and margins reports every morning and look for any pricing issues, inventory problems, negatives on hand, and more. We work on correcting problems every day so they don't accumulate.”

Offsite backups provide peace of mind

Spain no longer worries about taking tapes or DVDs to an offsite location each night. Instead, he now relies on the Epicor Secure Data Backup (SDBU) solution to ensure that Thacker's data remains secure and protected. SDBU stores data resident in the Eagle software database offsite at an Epicor data center and eliminates the need for tapes or DVDs. “Secure Data Backup works very well,” said Spain. “We no longer need to check the disk each morning. If a backup fails, an alert will be sent to me in the morning. It's one less task for me to worry about.”

Operating data leads to faster issue resolution

Spain uses daily data to better manage the business. “I look at Epicor Eagle reports every day and viewers throughout the day,” said Spain. “If anything looks out of the ordinary, I go back and drill down into line item detail. I can see who marked down or marked up a price and understand what's going on with just a few clicks. I used to have to wait for the managers to arrive to get the story. I enjoy having it figured out before they arrive.”

Recently, Spain used a report to identify and fix a sizable problem. “I had run a report that showed items with an extended cost of $500 or greater,” said Spain. “The report indicated that we had $30,000 worth of tape in stock when really we only had $30. We had an Ace item showing a quantity of 10,000 instead of 10. I was able to fix those errors quickly before they became a serious issue.”

Benefits of rapid responses

Spain and his business have benefited from the ability to rapidly respond to issues and fix them immediately using the Epicor Eagle system. “We can look at margins all day long, see things happen right away, and fix issues immediately,” said Spain. “If another RockSolid customer came to me asking if they should consider converting to the Epicor Eagle system, I would instantly tell them that they should. We thought we were high-tech with RockSolid, but we really weren't until we switched to Epicor Eagle. Epicor Eagle supports our growth plans. We are not where we want to be yet, but we're finding something every day in Epicor Eagle that helps us better manage our business to achieve our goals.”

Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of manufacturers and are available in the cloud or on premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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