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Seeking technology and efficiency

Stuart Packaging of Mount Royal, Québec, Canada is a key supplier of high-quality printed folding cartons and graphic design services to the pharmaceutical industry. Stuart Packaging needed a business software solution that both the company and its customers could consistently rely on.

"We service a lot of high-profile pharmaceutical companies, and as a part of gaining our customers' business, they want to be ensured that we follow set procedures within our operation," says Joseph Palumbo, COO and CFO of Stuart Packaging.

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We use our Epicor business system as a sales tool to impress our customers. We play up the ERP software system in our presentations to pharmaceutical and other clients.

Joseph Palumbo, COO and CFO | Stuart Packaging
Company Facts
  • Location: Mount Royal, Québec, Canada
  • Industry: Folding Carton
  • Web site:

  • Traceability and auditability throughout the entire process
  • Creating and documenting repeatable internal processes
  • Inconsistent internal work methods
  • Disparate internal systems and manual processes

  • Epicor AVP

  • Complete traceability
  • Using the business system as a tool to show customers repeatable and efficient internal processes
  • Improve costing and estimating control with real-time production information
  • Streamline internal processes and create time savings

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The challenge

With experience spanning over two-and-a-half decades, 70 employees and $20M in annual revenue, Stuart Packaging understands that technology and efficiency go hand in hand. Their customers' goals are to understand that processes are consistent, almost like ISO certified. "We wanted to be able to show our customers that we are validating everything we do, and that we actually do what we say we do," says Palumbo. "We needed a software system to help us document everything and provide transparency into all of our processes."

Commitment to high quality

Stuart Packaging uses highly-specialized, quality techniques throughout its production process that comply with pharmaceutical standards. In order to stand by its commitment to supply high quality, uniformity and security in its products, Stuart Packaging's goals were to gain better control of its data, create consistency in its work methods, and retain auditability and traceability of its processes.

Software selection

Palumbo and his team began evaluating software options that would help them validate their internal processes, and help them attract more customers. After due diligence into available business software solutions, Stuart Packaging narrowed the choices down to three vendors that were assessed based on their business background, the software itself and whether or not a long-term partnership could be formed. Stuart Packaging decided that Epicor AVP, designed specifically for folding carton, label and flexible packaging manufacturers, would match its requirements and the demands of its business.

Technology fit, industry knowledge and longterm partnership

"System selection can't be just about price, it has to be about the whole package: technology fit, industry knowledge, and a longterm partnership," says Palumbo. Prior to the implementation of Epicor AVP, Stuart Packaging used mostly disparate homegrown systems and Microsoft® Excel® worksheets. Now, Stuart Packaging is able to use its business software to create standard, verifiable and transparent processes. "We use our business system as a sales tool to impress our customers," says Palumbo. "We play up the ERP software system in our presentations to pharmaceutical and other clients."

Complete traceability

Palumbo also explained why traceability throughout their processes is extremely important. "We get volume rebate discounts from our suppliers. We are now able to track what we consume, and get discounts at the end of the year."

Epicor AVP enables work-in-progress tracking of each lot based on a unique barcode created for each pallet and case. This gives Stuart Packaging full visibility into the production process, and provides a traceable history of the production. The roll from which a certain finished item came from can be identified, along with where each item is within the production process at any given time. Itemlevel data can be collected to track and trace all items within the manufacturing, inventory and shipping supply chain.

Real-time information

Information from Epicor AVP shop floor data collection software is directly interfaced to the production machinery for immediate collection of production times, product counts and activities as they occur. This information is used to validate that the costing details in Stuart Packaging's estimates are accurate. For example, the costs of the actual make-ready times are rolled back to the software to ensure accurate costing information in the estimating process.

"There are many ways we use Epicor AVP to validate processes and stay 'on the right side of the fence,'" says Palumbo.

The shop floor data collection system is directly interfaced to the production machinery at Stuart Packaging for immediate collection of production times, product counts and activities as they occur (accurate costs, up-to-date customer information and accurate machine line-ups). This gives Stuart Packaging the ability to verify and cross-reference. "Somebody is not just winging it, the system validates everything: if the board is in, if the costing is accurate, and so on," says Palumbo.

Streamlined processes

Added benefits to the new implementation have streamlined internal processes and created time savings due to the fact that information only needs to be entered once into the system; Epicor AVP can automatically produce production, purchase and other necessary documents. With Epicor AVP, Stuart Packaging has better controlled work methods, standardized documents and a way to train new staff. "We now have room to grow without having to add new bodies to the operation," concludes Palumbo.

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