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Not many businesses have been around for 128 years, nor can many businesses claim to have been founded by a Sea Captain. Snow's Home and Garden, the largest family-owned home store on Cape Cod and with another location in Orleans, claims both. Founded in 1887 by Captain Aaron Snow, one of the original settlers and descendant of the Mayflower in the community of Orleans, Massachusetts, Snow's has deep roots in the community and retail. Today, Snow's 5th generation family members operate two stores located just fifteen miles apart, relying on Epicor Eagle to run its operations.

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"Epicor Eagle software gives us a competitive edge with the ability to react quicker than big box stores to changing market needs."

Sid Snow, President | Snow's Home and Garden
Company Facts
  • Location: Orleans and Cape Cod, Massachusetts
  • Industry: Lawn and Garden, Hardware and Home Center
  • Number of employees: 75
  • Number of stores: 2
  • Website:
  • Co-op: True Value and Orgill

  • Remaining competitive as an independent retailer
  • Buying and managing inventory
  • Delivering service and value to customers

  • Epicor Eagle
  • Epicor Compass
  • Epicor Dynamic Promotions
  • Epicor Mobile Manager
  • Epicor Eagle Mobile POS
  • Epicor Professional Services

  • Improved decisions from real-time access to data
  • Increased customer service by using mobile devices for information and POS
  • Enriched customer loyalty marketing and flexible promotions

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Epicor consultants deliver immediate and long-term gains

Several years ago, Snow's turned to Epicor Professional Services to help the company use the Eagle system to its full potential and gain efficiencies. Snow's spent two days with an Epicor business consultant and came away with a detailed roadmap filled with recommendations. "It took a year to get everything implemented, but we saw the benefits immediately and the time we invested to learn to use the technology continues to pay dividends," said Sid Snow, president of Snow's Home and Garden. Today, the company continues to deploy new features of the Eagle system in its quest to see Snow's Home & Garden thrive for another 100 years.

Powerful business reporting

The powerful business analytics delivered by the Epicor Compass application unlocks and leverages the business and customer data for the Eagle system users like Snow's Home & Garden. "We create reports across the entire business, too numerous to list, which are scheduled to run automatically and are shared with others within the company," said Snow. "The real beauty of the Compass application is the flexibility it affords us to tap into this treasure trove of information in practical ways that help our business. For example, we've used the Compass application to explore our True Value rewards customer data. More than half our customers use their rewards card when they shop, allowing us to collect useful information including what they purchase and how much money they spend in each department. We run Compass reports on True Value rewards card numbers, usually for a 12-month period, and then create specific targeted promotions for our True Value rewards customers."

The Epicor Compass solution also empowers Snow's buyers with critical data. "It's a fantastic tool that our buyers use in real time to make informed decisions," said Snow. "Right from the computer screen they can look up a vendor or sort SKUs by inventory levels, best sellers, gross margin, sales history, or other categories. Then they can export that information to Excel software to make notes and bring to markets or just use for more in-depth analysis. We can access any data we want and write virtually any kind of report we want. In fact, we went from five buyers to three buyers because they are now more efficient."

Increasing customer service with Mobile Point of Sale (POS) and Mobile Manager

Epicor Eagle Mobile POS allows Snow's to accelerate checkout, review product details and availability, and capture customer information without going to a workstation. Snow's initially brought in the technology for it's "linebuster" capabilities-pre-scanning a cart so that payment is the only thing handled at the counter, or taking the sale as they wait in line, as long as the customer is using credit cards and doesn't mind an email receipt. "We even plan to deploy it in the garden center to ring up outdoor furniture and grills and to manage the annual Memorial Day weekend plant buying frenzy," said Snow. "Customers frequently call to check the price and availability of items and iPads® with mobile lookup make it easy to see what we have on hand," said Sharise Nunnally, IT manager for Snow's Home & Garden.

"Additionally, we're in the process of giving some of our buyers and departments iPads to better manage inventory," said Snow. "When we receive vendor shipments, the goods are often stored in our 20,000 square foot basement stock rooms. I expect that everyone will soon want to have iPads in their aprons to look up inventory back stock from anywhere in the store."

Target marketing to loyal customers

Retail is dynamic, which is why Epicor designed the Dynamic Promotions application to help retailers launch new products, celebrate new seasons, stimulate store traffic, or simply move old inventory. Dynamic Promotions application gives businesses complete flexibility to choose a list of items to promote together and create the promotion rules. "Features like Dynamic Promotions are just one more advantage that comes from having fully implemented the Eagle system," said Snow. "Using this method of promotion, we provide value to customers without giving as much margin away as we did with traditional promotions. Now we know everything there is to know about our inventory, so our promotions drive up sales without driving down margins."

Competitive advantage

"We began using the Eagle system nearly thirty years ago because at its core Eagle software has the best inventory control and POS in the industry. Epicor hasn't stopped there and regularly adds new functionality to help us improve our business. Snow's is a unique retail business and Epicor empowers us to be unique and successfully compete in our ever-changing market. The Eagle solution gives us a competitive edge with the ability to react quicker than big box stores to changing market needs," said Snow.

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