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In 1979, Jon (Randy) Shriver opened the first Shrivers Pharmacy in McConnelsville, Ohio. Since then, Shrivers Pharmacy has grown to five locations across the state. Under the leadership of the current owner, John Coler, the company remains an independently owned and locally operated pharmacy dedicated to the communities it serves.

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Epicor is clearly ahead of the pack! Our company really benefits from the vast functionality of the point of sale as well as the backroom functionality with inventory control and electronic record preservation. These key features really help us prosper as a business.

Sean Jones, Director of Retail | Shrivers Pharmacy


Company Facts

  • Inability to scan prescriptions with old system
  • Accurately maintaining signed credit cards receipts a huge time commitment

  • Epicor Eagle
  • Epicor Eagle Loyalty

  • Ability to scan prescriptions is an enormous timesaver
  • Electronic storage of signed patient receipts
  • Improved backroom inventory control
  • Efficient real-time report creation

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Shrivers Pharmacy provides easy access to pharmacists and quick answers to any customer prescription or over-the-counter medication questions. The company went live on Epicor Eagle in 2011 in order to improve customer service, reporting, and their loyalty program. "At that time we were with our previous point of sale provider, and we felt like we had an average or slightly above average system," said Sean Jones, director of retail operations for Shrivers Pharmacy. "When we saw the Epicor Eagle demo we were able to see firsthand what we were missing out on. This coupled with what we felt was poor reporting capabilities lead to mediocre customer service and an outdated loyalty program from our previous solution provider, helped us make the decision to make a change much easier."

Making the daily tasks easier

"Epicor makes my job and the jobs of our management staff easier for a variety of reasons," said Jones. "The ability to export reports into an Excel spreadsheet is a huge help. We can make universal changes from one location and roll them out to all the other stores without having to visit each store individually."

"We can scan prescriptions now, which saves time because the cashier doesn't have to manually enter several different Rx numbers and dollar amounts. Our old system was trying to but it just wasn't working for our business. Plus, on our Epicor system if a customer has multiple prescriptions ready to be picked up it will show all the prescriptions each individual customer has that are ready to be picked up. This is very advantageous because when the first prescription is scanned at the register it alerts the employee about the other prescriptions. This helps our customer to not only get the prescriptions they came to pick up, but to also get multiple prescriptions if they are ready but had been placed in different bags," said Jones.

"Epicor is clearly ahead of the pack! Our company really benefits from the vast functionality of the point of sale as well as the backroom functionality with inventory control and electronic record preservation. These key features really help us prosper as a business," said Jones. "We also no longer have a need to keep a paper version of the pseudoephedrine (PSE) log for customers to sign. The system does it all for us. Therefore we don't have to keep signed copies of credit card receipts or house charge slips anymore. This saves time and gives us confidence if we ever have to go back looking for a signature because of a prescription audit. I know we can find it. I remember in the past we've had to sort through prescription pickup logs for patient signatures. We don't have to do that anymore-all of those records are stored within the system and are easily accessible should the need ever arise to view or print them in the future."

A loyalty program that stacks up to the big stores

As part of the HealthMart network, Shrivers is able to offer the comfort and convenience of a local pharmacy, while providing a high-class loyalty program, competitive prices, and the quick, easy pharmaceutical access of a large chain. The company has 10,639 loyalty members registered in their program, of those 7,476 have made purchases in the last six months.

"Considering we're not a national chain with a national loyalty card program, I think our program stacks up pretty well compared to the bigger stores," said Jones. "We try to localize our loyalty program as much as possible. Our drug wholesaler, McKesson, has even asked us about our loyalty application and inquired about details of the program."

"I want to take our loyalty program to a whole new level, and I think we're going to be able to do that soon with the new features of Eagle to come," said Jones.

A recommendation goes a long way

When asked about recommending Epicor to other similar companies, Jones said, "We will most definitely recommend Epicor to other pharmacy retailers! I know where we've come from with our past point of sale systems and I can see where we're headed with Epicor. The future is bright. Epicor has made several of our dayto- day tasks much easier."

"Exceptional Epicor client service is also a huge value for us as a company. The design team listened to our ideas, put them into development and actually made our ideas better. Looking back, it's hard to believe that we ever functioned without these Epicor features. Usually a point of sale (POS) vendor will 'take into consideration' any ideas a store may have to enhance software and/ or want to charge an arm and a leg to develop it. Epicor actually listened to our ideas and concerns and there was no charge for the development considering that the functions would benefit other RX30 users."

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