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Secure Data Backup

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Protecting Valuable Business Data

Cox Hardware and Lumber is a large, single location hardware store and lumberyard serving light manufacturing, production, warehousing, and ship channel businesses in Houston since 1946. Cox implemented the Epicor Secure Data Backup service in the fall of 2010. "I've been concerned about protecting our data. Catastrophic events can occur and my business is in a hurricane area. We knew we needed to add off-site backup to our nightly tape backup and when Epicor offered its new off-site service, I trusted that it would be exactly what we needed," describes Virgil Cox, owner of Cox Hardware.

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"Epicor Secure Data Backup is a solid service that works well and provides reassurance that your critical business data is safe. The fee is a small price to pay for that peace of mind."

Robin Miller, Inventory and Technology Manager | Cole Hardware
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Cox Hardware is finding that the service perfectly meets their needs. "Since we installed Secure Data Backup, I don't worry about our backups. The Epicor service works in the background with no effort on our part," explains Virgil. "In fact, in early January we had two tapes go bad sequentially, which left us without backup for three consecutive days.

Now with Secure Data Backup, it wasn't a worry at all. We knew that our data was successfully backed up by the Epicor service. It's also reassuring that our customers' credit card data is stored off-site in a PCI compliant manner." The main benefit of Secure Data Backup, according to Cox Hardware, is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that Epicor is monitoring and securely backing up invaluable business data. "Our data, reports, and scanned documents are among the most valuable assets we have. We can't be too careful with them, or protect them too much. I find that Secure Data Backup costs very little for a service that provides tremendous value. It's taken a worry out of the business and is truly priceless."

Peace of Mind 

Cole Hardware serves San Francisco residents from four retail stores and one commercial supply facility. Having used Epicor systems for nearly 30 years, Cole understands the importance of technology in business success. In the fall of 2010, Cole was eager to use the new Epicor Secure Data Backup service and reduce its reliance on nightly tape backups. 

"There is simply too much room for error with tape backups. Humans have to remember to switch tapes, label them and take them offsite," explains Robin Miller, Inventory and Technology manager. Since making the switch to off-site backup, Cole Hardware trusts that the system works and even stopped doing nightly tape backups. "The system is very easy to use. Once it's set up, it just works and I know that I'll get alerts if something isn't right. Once you have Secure Data Backup, you just don't worry about backing up your data," continues Robin. "Epicor Secure Data Backup is a  solid ervice that works well and provides reassurance that your critical business data is safe. The fee is a small price to pay for that peace of mind," asserts Robin.

Critical Off-site Data Backup 

Best Ace Hardware began in Delaware in 1932 and today the 4th generation of the Best family continues that long tradition by helping to manage five retail locations. Andrew Best, executive vice president describes the company's attitude about data backup. "We've seen first hand the importance of off-site data storage and backup. During the winter of 2010, the roof of the building of one of our retail stores where we ran our Epicor Eagle servers collapsed from snow weight. We were fortunate that the roof in our part of the building held and that we removed our servers before any damage occurred. But, it was a big wake-up call for the need for off-site data backup!" 

Best Hardware learned about the Epicor Secure Data Backup service and was eager to test its capabilities. "We've been using the service for several months now and it works very well. We no longer worry about someone going to our corporate offices on the weekend to swap tapes," describes Andrew. "We have such a large volume of data that our backup runs throughout the day and we see no performance impact on our network or servers. We run 'business as usual' with the assurance that Epicor is protecting our data."

Concludes Andrew, "Epicor Secure Data Backup takes the human element and the worry out of the backup process. We know that in the case of a catastrophic event, our data is secure and we will recover. Even if you think your data is safe, this solution takes your data security to a whole new level!"

Confidence from Automated Backup 

Cornell's True Value in Westchester County New York offers a full line of hardware, housewares, equestrian supplies, and has a rental and repair shop. The Fix family has been running this thriving family business since 1916. 

Prior to November 2010, Cornell's backed up its Epicor Eagle data with nightly tape backups. Tapes were then stored in a fireproof safe with one tape being stored off-site. "We were doing a good job with backups, but our system wasn't fool-proof. When I heard about the Epicor Secure Data Backup service, I knew that it was the service to remove the possibility for human error by being automated and storing our data off-site," explains John Fix III, president, Cornell's True Value.

John is glad he hasn't had to restore from the off-site backup, and he appreciates other benefits from the solution. "I like knowing that our backups are no longer dependent upon humans remembering to change tapes, or on the tape quality. It's also reassuring that our backup is now PCI compliant, which wasn't the case with tape backup," elaborates John. "I'm confident in the Epicor Secure Data Backup service and in Epicor's ability to restore our server should that ever be necessary."

About Epicor 

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