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Schoeneman’s Building Materials Center

Company Facts

Headquarters: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Annual Sales: Over $15 million
Sales Breakdown: 60% contractor, 40% retail
Number of Employees: 65
Number of Locations: 2
Year Founded: 1888
Affiliation: LMC

"Point of sale transaction speed increased by 50%. Special orders are quick and simple. And better yet, we increased our special order margins."
Terry Karr, Manager | Schoeneman's Building Materials Center


Schoeneman's Increases Productivity and Gains Significant Savings with Epicor Eagle

Schoeneman's Building Materials Center, a family-owned business, has provided top-quality lumber and building materials products and services for over 120 years. In 2005, they decided to switch from their manual, cumbersome processes to the Epicor Eagle system. Schoeneman's saw a large decrease in labor hours and increased productivity in inventory management, point of sale, estimates, and special orders.

120 Years of Lumber Expertise at Schoeneman's

Founded in 1888, Schoeneman's Building Materials Center has become a onestop- shop for both do-it-yourselfers and contractors. From lumber and building materials, hardware and plumbing, electrical, windows, doors and paint, Schoeneman's offers a wide selection of products. But it's not just products that convince customers to return, it's also outstanding customer service. Schoeneman's friendly, expert staff can assist on any project, whether it is remodeling a home, building a fence, or cutting a board to size.

With locations to manage throughout South Dakota and a diverse offering of lumber and building materials, the owners of Schoeneman's realized that their manual processes needed a major overhaul. Without it, they would lose their competitive edge and waste time and money. To become leaner and realize more profits, Schoeneman's chose to implement Epicor Eagle.

Epicor Eagle Cuts Man Hours at the Front Counter by 50%

Schoeneman's switched from their outdated manual processes to the Epicor Eagle system. Though the transition met with initial resistance from employees accustomed to the old processes, the Epicor trainers helped ensure that employees were proficient on the system and comfortable with the new processes. Schoeneman's saw results right away.

"The Eagle system has improved our point of sale processes tremendously. Eagle is easy to learn. Anyone can operate the system. Once people felt comfortable on the system, point of sale transaction speed increased by 50%," says Terry Karr, manager. "Special orders are quick and simple. And better yet, we increased our special order margins."

Before Schoeneman's switched to Epicor Eagle, its sales processes were inefficient. For example, sales tickets could be handled more than eight times before they were completed. "Eagle expedites everything. It reduces the time it takes to process a sales ticket. It's easy now. We can do estimates in less than half the time," explains Terry. "We no longer have hand-written invoices. Customers can read them now."

Inventory Control with a Click of a Button

Schoeneman's relies on Epicor Eagle for precise inventory control. "The Eagle system inventory functionality is powerful," describes Terry. "Inventory and ordering is a lot simpler, yet Eagle removes any doubts about what we have in stock. Before, with our manual system, we would have to go out and physically count everything. Now the information is available with a click of a button. We can find items quickly with Quick Recall and see the last time an item was sold or purchased. We can immediately tell how old a product is and if we need to move the item out of inventory entirely. We actually carry more inventory now, but it's the right inventory."

This inventory control has been especially helpful for multi-location transfers. "Managing inventory between our locations is 100% easier than what it was previously," explains Terry. "Before, I'd have to call the location to find out what they had and ask if they had extra. I'd be on the phone for 30 minutes. Now, with the Eagle system, I can enter a SKU and know which location has the item within three seconds. It's made ordering and getting product in our yard and store a lot simpler."

A Top Quality Business Needs a Top Quality Computer System

Just as their motto explains, "Top-quality architecture needs top-quality lumber," a top-quality business needs a top-quality computer system. Schoeneman's found it with Epicor Eagle. "You wouldn't believe the change from a manual system to an automated system. You'll save money just by turning on the system. Eagle saves so many man hours it's hard to believe," asserts Terry. "Our day-to-day business improved considerably. Our labor hours have decreased significantly. I used to work twelve hours a day, now I work eight. If someone came into the store and took the Eagle system away from me, I would retire."

About Epicor

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