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“Productivity” is the overriding theme when Bob Sanford, President at Sanford & Hawley, Inc., speaks about the impact that Epicor BisTrack has had on his company. They are doing more with fewer people and have improved the customer experience and company profitability. In fact, Sanford asserts that Sanford & Hawley is at or above the industry benchmark for efficiency in a contractor yard, and acknowledges that much of that can be attributed to Epicor BisTrack.

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“Everybody loves Epicor BisTrack because it's much more flexible and there's so much more information available. We often marvel at how we ever managed before.”

Bob Sanford, President at Sanford & Hawley, Inc.
Company Facts
  • Location: Unionville, Connecticut
  • Industry: Lumber and Building Materials
  • Number of Locations: 4
  • Sales Profile: 90% Contractor, 10% Retail
  • Website: www.sanfordandhawley.com

  • Processes needed to be optimized for efficiency and productivity
  • Higher customer service levels needed to maintain competitive advantage

  • Epicor BisTrack

  • Improved sales per salesperson
  • Improved dispatch with better asset utilization and more dollars delivered per driver
  • Dramatic improvement in Accounts Payable processing and availability of supplier information
  • Lower cost of settling disputes
  • Faster customer responsiveness and services

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Integration of all business functions is key to efficiency

After years of using a software solution with bolt-on packages for dispatch and document scanning, Bob Sanford extols the benefits of the Epicor BisTrack integrated solution. “It's a huge, huge benefit,” says Sanford. "Everybody loves Epicor BisTrack because it's much more flexible and there's so much more information available. We often marvel at how we ever managed before.”

Epicor BisTrack has dramatically improved Accounts Payable processing and the availability of supplier billing information. Further, the solution's information accessibility has eliminated the bottleneck in their dispatch department. Sanford reports: “Now, probably 95% of the time, whoever answers the phone can answer the customer's question.”

Epicor BisTrack boosts sales efficiency, customer responsiveness, service options

Sales efficiency has also improved, with an increase in the number of sales per salesperson. One of the reasons Sanford points to is the ability for Epicor BisTrack to import orders from 3rd party vendor software, such as 20/20. Sanford & Hawley's salespeople previously would spend “endless hours” re-keying the order information.

Responsiveness to customer inquiries is much faster because it's so easy to find the information you need in Epicor BisTrack. “Time is precious,” says Sanford. “Getting answers quickly is very important to our customers.”

Epicor BisTrack has also opened up new avenues for Sanford & Hawley's product and account information availability. The customer web portal allows customers to check account information and place orders 24x7. “It's working out well for builders who want to do estimating or billing on nights and weekends,” says Sanford. ”They can get product pricing, place orders and get copies of their invoices online at any time.”

For customers who like the personal touch, they can walk through the yard with Sanford & Hawley personnel who will scan bin numbers and quantities on a handheld tablet, then instantly generate the customer's order and delivery specifications. Sanford says customers like it because “it doesn't take them long to get in and out.”

Delivery efficiency and cost savings

Since implementing Epicor BisTrack, Sanford & Hawley has centralized dispatch and gone from three dispatchers to one dispatcher who schedules deliveries for all four locations using the software's built-in Journey Planner integrated with GPS systems in each truck. “It's just so much better having centralized dispatch,” says Sanford. “Before, we'd have trucks criss-crossing, or we'd turn down deliveries in one location even though we had an idle truck in another. We have better asset utilization using Epicor BisTrack.”

“We made several changes to improve efficiency,” says Sanford. “As a result, the dollar value of delivered sales per driver has increased significantly in two years, and I surmise a third of this is directly attributable to the solution's centralized dispatch and journey planning.”

Further, Sanford & Hawley outfitted their drivers with the Epicor BisTrack Mobile Delivery application. Drivers capture signatures electronically, eliminating the need to file signed delivery slips. Sanford also says taking photos of the delivered load has saved them time and money resolving issues. “Once or twice a week, a customer would question whether they received the full load,” says Sanford. “Now, the photo makes it clear if something was delivered or not. I think our incidences of forgetting to unload the small items has decreased now that the drivers are photo recording the load.”

Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of manufacturers and are available in the cloud or on premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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