REAMS Sprinkler Supply Co. Inc.

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REAMS Sprinkler Supply Co. Inc., headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, has been a supplier of irrigation and landscaping products since 1963. With 35 employees in eight locations, REAMS services a broad geographical market including Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri.

According to REAMS President Bryce Bousquet, the company began searching for a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in 2008. He explains, "We were on a 15-year-old legacy system. Everyone knew we needed something new, but of course, there was some apprehension about moving onto a different system."

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Eclipse is the total package: it was the best fit for our IT needs; operationally, it was very smooth and easy; and financially, it was a good value.

Bryce Bousquet, President | REAMS Sprinkler Supply Co. Inc.


Company Facts
  • Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Industry: Irrigation and landscaping
  • Number of Employees: 35
  • Web site:

  • Provide a Midwest distributor with real-time information for better inventory management and improved employee productivity

  • Reduced in-season inventory by 35%-and year-end inventory by even more
  • Gained 1½ turns on inventory
  • Saw a 20% increase in employee productivity

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Bousquet and his team did their due diligence, and ultimately chose the Epicor Eclipse ERP solution. "We talked to our industry peers, and the Eclipse name kept coming up," he recalls. "We also took the time to view the system in use at realworld distributors. Eclipse was the total package: it was the best fit for our IT needs; operationally, it was very smooth and easy; and financially, it was a good value."

Preparation and training = A successful go-live

REAMS went live on the Eclipse solution in May 2009, after a period of intense preparation. Bousquet notes, "Our installer from Epicor was awesome. But you have to be willing to put in the effort as a company. In advance of our go-live, we logged hundreds of hours on data conversion and additions to be able to fully utilize the program."

Training efforts were equally comprehensive. "We brought our employees on in stages over a 4-week period," says Bousquet. "Once they saw how Eclipse could make their life better, they were on board with it. We gave each of them 20 hours of classroom training on the system, followed by 10 hours of online training or 'homework.'" After go-live, Bousquet also visited all of the REAMS locations, making sure every user had a comfort level with the system.

Impact on inventory and employee productivity

REAMS has seen impressive results in its first several years on the Eclipse solution, particularly in the area of inventory management. States Bousquet, "We reduced our in-season inventory by 35 percent, and year-end inventory by even more. We also gained 1½ turns on inventory." He stresses the importance of having realtime information that is easy to access: "Eclipse gives us the data so that we can act or react at the customer level, the store level, or even drill down to the product/item level to adjust inventory." In addition, the company saw a 20 percent increase in employee productivity. Bousquet indicates that is a conservative estimate, resulting from factors including employees' confidence in inventory level accuracy (eliminating the need to double check with every new order), and the Suggested PO Queue functionality of the Eclipse system.

"The Suggested PO Queue is a tool that our staff uses every day to determine product needs," explains Bousquet. "It provides a 'starting point' from which employees can apply their knowledge of current needs and use their own historical references to decide what product should be on the PO. It saves a tremendous amount of time versus walking the warehouse floor and scanning the shelves, which no one has time to do." He concludes, "Without Epicor Eclipse, there is no way I could implement the processes and procedures that we needed to succeed and prosper in today's business climate. We have to be able to 'zig and zag' and make changes on the fly. Eclipse is a phenomenal tool; we try to use it to its fullest potential and really make it work for us."

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