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Professional Medical, Inc.

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Learning Management System (LMS) Helps Train for Success

Along with the core Prophet 21 system and Wireless Warehouse Management module, ProMed chose to implement a strategy that would speed both the training and overall adoption of the system by its 60+ end users. "We knew that a successful implementation hinged on our ability to quickly and effectively train our staff," says Sieger. "We saw Epicor's Learning Management System as the way we could push out training to the end users and manage the overall learning experience much better." 

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"Since go-live, we have increased our profit by nearly 6 percent, due to the greater efficiency and decreased inventory levels with Prophet 21."

Robert Sieger, CIO | Professional Medical, Inc


Company Facts
  • Location: New Lenox, Illinois
  • Industry: Medical
  • Number of Employees: 130+
  • Web site: www.promedsupply.com

  • Help a successful Illinois-based medical products and services provider speed training and improv adoption of its newly implemented ERP system while maintaining an informative, efficient, and secure environment for its internal and external sales team.

  • Prophet 21 with Epicor Learning Management System, Automated BackupSolution and DynaChange Portals

  • Increased profit by nearly 6%
  • Reduced inventory by 12%
  • Accelerated implementation and adoption by users (99% positive feedback) while saving over 80% in training costs
  • Improved warehouse productivity with minimal customization

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In the early phases, ProMed chose to send users a series of general overview LMS courses, so individuals could get an understanding of Prophet 21 and how they could use it within the organization. Users were then assigned further classes that actually got into the "nuts and bolts" of the application as they related to the user's specific role or department. 

"What I really liked was that I could upload personalized classes, test them, and see the employees' proficiency on the material," Sieger notes. "It really helped us get that early adoption from the end users, as well as acclimate them to the system. It also cut down our time to implement and made our 'go live' much, much smoother. Looking back, I'd say we saved over 80 percent in incurred costs by skipping the traditional live onsite training, and we continue to project those savings with every refresher course and new employee that comes on board."

Supporting Everyday Business Processes

In addition to using Prophet 21 to help run a fast, efficient warehouse, ProMed chose to add several other layers of system support to its everyday business. First, management recognized that simplified data presentation could go a long way in helping users do their jobs with more speed and efficiency. They also acknowledged that the hub of their business technology needed a seamless method of protection from disaster.  

For data presentation, ProMed chose Epicor DynaChange Portals, to allow users to move quickly to the data they need-bypassing the complexity of a typical system-based report. "We've designed portals for virtually every department," says Sieger, "and they have significantly simplified access to data that employees need. Our Customer Service Department can get a snapshot of open orders, backorders or drop ships, and can track shipping for customers with a couple of mouse clicks. Also, we've given our commissioned salespeople the ability to see open A/Rs, pending orders, and collected orders for their specific territory. They like having that access, and our internal people don't have to take the time to constantly update them." 

For protection against disaster and subsequent loss of business, ProMed implemented the Epicor Automated Backup Solution™. "The automated backup service has provided a great, seamless method for us to keep our business system integrity in place," Sieger states. "Fortunately, we haven't needed to call on it, but it has given us the confidence that we can continue operations seamlessly if a disaster does occur, with little or no impact to our everyday business." 

With positive feedback from the company's user base at 99 percent, and a methodical approach to system implementation, ProMed continues to gain market share and expand its territory and offerings, using Prophet 21 as a core tool to manage costs and improve its profitability. "We were able to reduce inventory by 12 percent and decrease the number of individual purchase orders by nearly 9 percent-meaning we have larger P.O.'s and a lower cost of product, at times reducing the cost of an item by 2-3 percent!" concludes Sieger. "Since go-live, we have increased our profit by nearly 6 percent, due to the greater efficiency and decreased inventory levels with Prophet 21."

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