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Prima TV

Company Facts

  • Location: Bucharest
  • Industry: TV Entertainment
  • Number of Companies in the Group: 6
  • Web site: www.primatv.ro


"I can't even imagine not having iScala! We are so used to all its benefits that we perceive them to be so natural that we don't even think about them anymore."
Andreea Enache, Finance Controller | Prima TV-SBS Broadcasting Media-Romania

Five Years with the Same Proven Business Management Solution

Broadcasting station Prima TV is part of the SBS Broadcasting Media-Romania group, a component of the European corporation ProSiebenSat.1, since 2007. The same group also operates in Romania through Kiss TV channel, Kiss FM, Magic FM, Rock FM radio stations, and onefm.ro online station.

Launched in 1997, Prima TV focused on relaxation and entertainment from the very beginning, offering a unique alternative to other Romanian TV programs. Today, Prima TV is renowned for the entertainment it offers through its original productions or adaptations of successful international show formats. Launched in November 2006, KISS TV is a broadcasting station that delivers only music, while the hit radio station Kiss FM was launched in November 2003 and is received in 58 of the most important cities in Romania, through local transmission stations.

Launched in 2006, Magic Fm broadcasts hits from the 80s to present day, and in 2010 the station ranked second in Bucharest, with a 10% market share in its target segment. The most recent member of the group is radio station Rock Fm.

Besides being part of the SBS Broadcasting Media-Romania group, they also manage their financial and accounting processes with the same solution.

High Volume of Daily Records

Within a company the size of Prima TV, the information traffic is very high. Not to mention the entire group to which it belongs. Although, for some, it may look like the high volume of information is not reflected by the accounting records. "As the activity of a television station is based on providing services, it is obvious that we do not work with stocks and we do not have a very complicated accounting system... But there are numerous entries that have to be strictly recorded, in real time," says Andreea Enache, finance controller at Prima TV-SBS Broadcasting Media-Romania.

Documents come and go in all directions. As the group diversifies its activities, the volume of financial-economic data constantly increases. "Bills come from all our contractors-not only from the usual contractors most companies have, such as utilities contractors, but also from specific service providers such as external program producers, permanent collaborators, movie contractors etc." says Andreea Enache. "We also have a significant number of clients, especially those who advertise through us. Moreover, on top of the bills that flow in and out, there are other transactions as well. Just for the employees' travel, the volume of documents is considerable: accommodations, down payments, deductions, subsistence fees, etc. In addition, there are several hundred accounting bills for salaries, each month."

Held Back and Slowed Down

"Until 2005 we had been working with an older accounting software that had an integrated payroll program, far inferior to iScala and more primitive, only for accounting," states Ana Maria Radu, payroll officer for First TV-SBS Broadcasting Media-Romania.

It is obvious that the old accounting program in Microsoft® Visual FoxPro held back and slowed down the recording and processing activities, while further data centralization was difficult, requiring a great deal of human labor and time, and of course, the inherent risks with regard to data security.

A shift to a stronger accounting processes management system was needed. Prima required a system with greater capabilities, greater processing power, and being able to provide the mandatory reporting options for a company that is part of a European group.

A...Long-Lasting ERP Solution

The implementation of Epicor iScala took place in 2005. With this solution, Prima TV, and in fact the entire SBS Broadcasting Media- Romania group continues to manage its financial and accounting activity to this very day.

Up to a point, the accounting processes are carried out independently for each of the group's radio and TV stations. The accounting records are completed separately, but all entities are serviced by a single application. Within the same system, centralized reports are created based on the monthly reporting requirements of the parent company, ProSiebenSat.1.

Epicor integrated the iScala payroll module has been used as the remuneration software from the very beginning in the entire group. Using Epicor iScala it is easy to manage a high volume of detailed information. Prima TV has been working with Epicor iScala ever since its implementation in 2005 without interruption and with no upgrade! It has worked, it continues to work, and the users are very pleased and used to working with it."

Speed, Ease, Safety

How would things be without Epicor iScala? How would the Prima TV executives and the parent group manage the finance and accounting activities? "It would have been terrible! I used to work in an organization where payrolls were calculated with  pens on paper. With only 200 employees, 4 people had to work relentlessly for a whole week to sort out the payroll!" says Ana Maria Radu. "For us it is clear that we cannot do it without such a system. There is no way."

Andreea Enache adds, "I can't even imagine how it would be without iScala! From the accounting perspective, it simply cannot be done! It would be very complicated. Especially for reporting. The pure and simple fact that we can enter some data in the system now, and when everything has come to an end, in the end of the month, we can issue reports that match with the interface at ProSieben-that really means something!"

Without iScala and its processing speed, the high volume of data that need to be processed might simply overwhelm people in finance and accounting department. Moreover, with such a system, the risk of human error is greatly diminished (enabling decisions based on accurate business facts), while the system security is increased. In addition, the ERP solution offers great ease of use, including reporting, and it is easy to learn. "I had previous experience of shifting from another program to iScala and I have become familiar with it very fast", says Andreea Enache.

"As for myself, in order to be able to work with iScala, I went through a training program of only two hours! And that was enough," adds Ana Maria Radu.

Another quality of Epicor iScala is that it can be updated at any given time according to the changes in the 'moving' legislation in Romania, and it can be customized easily and rapidly. "Initially, we had implemented iScala mainly for our accounting activity. Later, it was easily and quickly customized for our human resource management needs as well," states Ana Maria Radu.

Andreea Enache concludes, "I have been working with iScala for five years. We are so used to all its benefits that we perceive them to be so natural that we do not even think about them anymore. We know what it does for us. We may upgrade to a newer version soon but, nevertheless, we are staying on our current solution."

About Epicor

Epicor Software Corporation is a global leader delivering business  software solutions to the manufacturing, distribution, retail, and  service industries. With more than 40 years of experience, Epicor  has more than 20,000 customers in over 150 countries. Epicor solutions enable companies to drive increased efficiency and  improve profitability. With a history of innovation, industry expertise and passion for excellence, Epicor inspires customers to build lasting competitive advantage. Epicor provides the single point of accountability that local, regional, and global businesses demand. For more information, visit www.epicor.com. 

Success Highlights:


  • Company expansion required solution that could provide strong project accounting capabilities and access to real-time data


  • Integrated solution with powerful reporting for managing consulting operations and back office financials worldwide 

Why Epicor?

  • Deferred maintenance billing enables 25% time savings; helps sustain renewal cycle
  • Project accounting efficiencies saves one-full time person
  • Streamlined data consolidation enables 10-15% time savings in financial reporting
  • Reduced billing time by one week per month



  • Access to real-time data and analytics supports forecasting and resource utilization
  • Shift in focus from administrative tasks to strategic initiative
  • Increased accuracy and efficiency in business reporting and ability to understand profitability at a granular level