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Prescott Valley Ace Hardware owner manages business remotely with a smartphone

Prescott Valley Ace Hardware is a 25,000 square foot store in rural Prescott Valley, Arizona. It serves approximately 20,000 residents including those from neighboring towns. The milder seasons of Prescott Valley have attracted a large population of retired seniors and a smaller population of young families.

With big box stores nearby, providing the high-level service and the right products is paramount to the store's success. Prescott Valley Ace relies on Epicor Eagle business management solutions to help do just that.

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Having SKU performance knowledge at my fingertips is a real benefit. Information is power, and with it I have definitely improved purchasing effectiveness.

Tara Long, Owner | Prescott Valley Ace Hardware


Company Facts
  • Location: Prescott Valley, Arizona
  • Industry: HWHC
  • Number of Stores: 1
  • Web site:

  • Competing on price-sensitive items
  • Making wise buying decisions at shows
  • Managing the business when away from the business

  • Epicor Eagle
  • Epicor Mobile Manager

  • Verify competitor pricing on price sensitive items within a half hour
  • Easily determine the products to buy-and the right quantity-at buying shows
  • Track daily sales when managing remotely

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A busy life demands a mobile solution

Any parent of young children trying to balance the responsibilities of running a business and maintaining a home life knows that free time is almost non-existent. Prescott Valley's owner, Tara Long, wanted an easy way to keep a pulse on the store's operation when she was away from the store.

With the assistance of Epicor Mobile Manager installed on her smartphone, Tara Long strikes a better balance between managing her business and managing a hectic life. "I login to the store at any time with my mobile phone and get quick snapshots of the store's performance for the day," said Long.

"Every evening, I look at the Top 100 SKUs chart and daily sales to get an idea of what the day was like. In an instant, I can see whether my sales were higher or lower than usual, what items we sold, and what we need to restock.

I'm more informed about what my customers are buying, and I have the flexibility to monitor the store and still be with my family.

If I have an issue, I can call the managers. It gives me the freedom to have a life with my family, while running a successful business."

Matching competitor pricing and buying at shows

Price-conscious customers challenge Prescott Valley Ace to keep their prices competitive. Long occasionally makes trips to Home Depot to better match pricing on price-sensitive items. "I use my mobile device to scan an item to view our price versus their price," said Long."Last time, I was able to review pricing in a half hour.

The process used to take a lot longer. I would have to write the SKUs down on a piece of paper and return to the store to compare. Now, I know instantly what our price is compared to theirs and make changes as needed. It is a considerably more efficient method for price matching."

Long also checks the store's inventory from her mobile device at buying shows, a vast improvement from having to disrupt store operations with phone calls for information." At one show, I could not remember how an item had performed at our store," said Long.

"I looked up the sales history on my mobile device and learned that we should buy one palette, and that two palettes would be too much. I was able to make an informed, on-the-spot decision, and I saved myself from purchasing too much.

Having SKU performance knowledge at my fingertips is a real benefit. Information is power, and with it I have definitely improved purchasing effectiveness."

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