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P.J. Currier Lumber Company

  • Headquarters: Amherst, New Hampshire
  • Industry: LBM
  • Number of Employees: 30
  • Number of Locations: 2
  • Year Founded: 1950
  • Revenue: $8 million


"Last year we reduced shrinkage by forty percent. We did about $8 million in sales, and shrinkage was at $55,000. We were blown away."

Dave Shallah, IT Manager | P.J. Currier Lumber Company


P.J. Currier Lumber Reduces Shrinkage by 40% Migrating from Epicor® Version 2™ to Epicor Eagle®

P.J. Currier Lumber Co., a lumberyard with a hardware store a mile down the road, has been providing Southern New Hampshire contractors high-quality building materials and specialized services like custom milling, cutting, and shaping since 1950. For many years, the company relied on the Epicor Version 2 system. Management decided to switch to the Epicor Eagle system when they saw how it could transform their business operations. With the Eagle system, P.J. Currier's team can better manage their extensive inventory and maintain their commitment to their customers to deliver both quality products and services.

Smooth Transition from Version 2 to Eagle

In the down economy, P.J. Currier needed to operate as lean as possible. And the managers knew achieving that goal would require a new business management system. "Our old system wasn't giving us everything we wanted," says Dave Shallah, IT Manager of P.J. Currier Lumber. "We were impressed with the Eagle system from the beginning. Eagle was a far better product than the other systems we looked at."

Implementation went smoothly. "Three months after we bought the system, we went live," explains Dave. It was a good transition, and everyone I worked with was excellent."

Point of Sale Improves Dramatically

Features such as High-Speed Debit and Credit Authorization and QuickFind™ product lookup have created a turnkey point of sale experience. "The QuickFind menus in Eagle are a lifesaver," notes Dave. "Our clerks can quickly look up the items in QuickFind and choose exactly what the customer wants to order."

Adding High-Speed Debit and Credit Card Authorization sped up checkout. "Before, we were on a dialup connection and used outdated card-swiper hardware which made the transaction slow," describes Dave. "When the customer is standing in front of you, a minute can feel like ten. Even worse, we couldn't accept debit transactions at all. Now we accept both credit and debit, and instead of a minute to process the transaction, it is completed in seconds."

Viewers Gives Flexibility to Access the Right Data

One of the best and most utilized feature for P.J. Currier has been the Eagle system's viewers-a columnar format for looking at and manipulating data. "Some of our POS clerks also act as buyers. They can look up quantities-on-hand and quantities-on-order right at point of sale using the viewers," notes Dave. "By contrast, accessing the same information in the other system was more cumbersome. We had to go screen by screen."

The Eagle System's Accounting Modules Hit a Homerun!

It was an important requirement that the Eagle system have an easy-to-use General Ledger module. "The owner had kept meticulous records on paper and Microsoft® Excel® for 10 to 15 years. She was concerned about switching to an electronic version of general ledger," explains Dave. "Now, she and the back office staff love it, especially the reporting. They are very happy with how accurate the Eagle accounting software is."

The Eagle system has enabled P.J. Currier to reduce the time it takes to process monthly statements. "We can e-mail or fax invoices and statements which we couldn't do before. We've gotten extremely positive feedback from our contractors," says Dave. "They like it, and we're much faster at it."

"The efficiency of the system is absolutely astounding," notes Dave. "The advantage of the system allowed us to continue operating with the same volume and cut three full-time positions. It just takes a lot less time, and makes everyone's job more efficient. Having a tighter accounting system has certainly helped the bottom line."

Quotes and Special Orders are Streamlined

Quotes can be created very quickly and sent via e-mail with the Eagle system. "When we can give little perks like quotes via e-mail, after a while, those little perks add up and make our customers want to continue to do business with us," describes Dave. "We also save a lot of time.

It used to take us an hour to get a quote ready in our other system. Now we can complete the quote in minutes."

"Tracking special order items used to be a nightmare," says Dave. "With Eagle, we can auto assign a traceable SKU number when we set up a special order. With traceable SKUs, we know exactly what we have in our inventory. We use the special order module every day, and I'm glad we have it available to us."

Better Inventory Accuracy Reduces Shrinkage

With LBM industry shrinkage averaging at about one percent of total inventory dollars, P.J. Currier managers were ecstatic to have reduced shrinkage even further. "We have cut our shrinkage down significantly because we can better track our inventory items and conduct cycle counting. It has saved us a lot of money because our inventory is more accurate, and we have been able to catch our mistakes," explains Dave. "Last year we reduced shrinkage by forty percent. We did about $8 million in sales, and shrinkage was at $55,000. We were blown away."

More Accurate Margin-Based System with Eagle

P.J. Currier has transformed operations from end to end with the Eagle system. "We have a more accurate margin-based system on Eagle than we had with our other system. We are extremely impressed with it. It's an amazing piece of software that performs seamlessly."

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