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Pike Nurseries Relies on the Epicor Gift

Company Facts

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Industry: Lawn and Garden
  • Number of Stores: 16
  • Employees: 400


"Last year, we activated more than 11,000 gift cards and merchandise credits for a combined value over $600,000."

Kent Backes, Inventory Control Manager | Pike Nurseries


Pike Nurseries Relies on the Epicor Gift Card Solution to Cultivate Loyal Customers

In 2008, Pike Nurseries implemented the Epicor Eagle system to streamline operations and to expand customer marketing and sales initiatives. From the start, Pike Nurseries has been impressed with the Epicor Eagle Gift Card solution. "The integration of Epicor Gift Cards with the Eagle system is seamless," says Kent Backes, Inventory Control Manager at Pike Nurseries.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Activate, Easy to Sell

Not only is the technology seamless, training employees is seamless, too. "It's simple to learn and use the gift card solution. When the customer is buying a gift card, cashiers simply scan a gift-card SKU just like any other product," explains Kent. "It's fast and easy."

One Program-Many Uses

Pike Nurseries has two important uses for gift cards with different cards for each. The most common, of course, being purchases by customers. "Having gift cards available is a necessity for nearly every retailer; especially nurseries. Many customers thoroughly enjoy selecting plants that reflect their unique personality making a gift card the perfect gift option, especially for Christmas and Mother's Day presents," notes Kent. "The recipient gets to choose their gift and we often gain a new customer. We also use gift cards as credits for returned items that don't meet the criteria for a cash or credit card refund. Last year, we activated more than 11,000 gift cards and merchandise credits for a combined value over $600,000."

Pike Nurseries also uses the gift card function in conjunction with the loyalty program. The reward or gift value is assigned to the customer loyalty card twice a year when the customer attained specified purchase thresholds.

Gift Cards-A Business Necessity

Pike Nurseries is very satisfied with its Epicor Eagle Gift Card solution. "It's an important part of our sales and is easy to use."

About Epicor

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