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Pike Nurseries Relies on Epicor Compass

Company Facts

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Industry: Hardware
  • Number of Stores: 16
  • Employees: 400


"The Compass functionality is exactly what we were looking for to boost our loyalty program. Compass makes running our business and doing targeted marketing very easy."

Kent Backes, Inventory Control Manager | Pike Nurseries


Pike Nurseries Relies on Epicor Compass to Get Powerful Information Into the Right Hands

Pike Nurseries manages its 16 locations with the Epicor Eagle system. Since implementation in 2008, Pike Nurseries has improved margins and streamlined operations. One of the most important Epicor applications for Pike Nurseries has been the robust reporting module, Epicor Compass. From identifying inventory problems early-on to boosting Pike's loyalty program, Epicor Compass has been a reliable and valuable business tool.

Compass Puts Powerful Information in the Right Hands

One reason why Compass is so invaluable to the nursery is the ease with which reports are built. "Compass is very easy to use," asserts Kent Backes, Inventory Control Manager. "I build basic reports from scratch in a minute or two. I rely on Compass for all of my critical inventory reports."

Once built, Compass reports can then be e-mailed automatically to employees throughout the company. "I've set up daily sales and inventory reports to be e-mailed automatically to the stores," describes Kent. "We even automatically e-mail sales reports to our vendors, so they know how their products are moving in our stores."

Compass reports help Pike Nurseries make better decisions. "We generate reports on what has sold and also on which plants have died," says Kent. "We're able to identify plants that don't grow well in our area. For example, there's a very popular plant called a Chinese Fringe Flower and 12 percent of one variety was being returned. We worked with the grower to determine why and created a plan to help our customers be more successful with that variety. Compass allowed us to see that product challenge and we were able to solve it, which turned into a win for our customers, our grower, and us. It is one way we live our commitment to providing our customers gardening success."

Compass Drives Targeted Marketing Campaigns

In addition to identifying product issues and providing daily reports, Compass has been vital to Pike's loyalty reward program. "The Compass functionality is what we were looking for to boost our loyalty program," explains Kent. "Last spring we sent an e-mail to our loyalty customers for an after-hours event. It had a phenomenal response with a 456% increase in sales over the previous year. The e-mail in addition to other marketing tools, aided in the success of the event."

Pike Nurseries has big plans for Compass. "Our goal is to heavily utilize triggered e-mails through Compass," says Kent. "We are setting up the system so that when a customer buys an orchid, it will trigger an automatic e-mail 60 days later with care tips and give them a coupon to come in and buy another orchid." In the meantime, Pike Nurseries is very satisfied with what they have accomplished thus far with Compass. Kent concludes, "Compass makes running our business and doing targeted marketing very easy."

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