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Pike Nurseries Boosts Loyalty Program

Company Facts

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Industry: Lawn and Garden
  • Number of Stores: 16
  • Employees: 400

"One of the great things about Epicor Eagle is how modules work together to help us deliver on marketing strategies…we are empowered to improve customer relationships and increase sales."

Kent Backes, Inventory Control Manager | Pike Nurseries


Pike Nurseries Boosts Loyalty Program with Epicor Eagle Loyalty Module and Epicor Compass

Pike Nurseries implemented the Epicor Eagle system in 2008 to streamline operations. One of the reasons Pike Nurseries selected the Eagle solution is because it had a Loyalty module. Pike had a customer e-mail list used for marketing, but they knew the Eagle Loyalty module would help increase their e-mail list and optimize their loyalty program further.

The Eagle Loyalty module is so easy to use that one month after Eagle go-live at all 16 stores, Pike Nurseries launched its new loyalty rewards program. "It's really easy to train cashiers how to use the loyalty cards," states Kent Backes, Inventory Control Manager at Pike Nurseries. "At any of our registers, customers can easily enroll in our loyalty program and use their card for their transaction that day. We currently have over 60,000 loyalty customers."

Identifying and Servicing Top Customers

Pike Nurseries can easily find its top customers and reward them. "We sent our top customers a thank you card and invited them to get to know the manager of the store they shop most frequently. We also spoke with our top customer and gathered valuable feedback. We couldn't have done this prior to the Epicor system because we had no idea who our top customers were," describes Kent.

Targeted Marketing Generates Huge Sales

Since implementation, Pike Nurseries has grown its loyalty reward program far beyond a simple e-mail list. Pike uses Epicor Compass, a robust, easy-to-use reporting tool, to pull sales information on certain items and target customers based on their purchases. "The Compass functionality is exactly what we were looking for to boost our loyalty program," explains Kent. "We can generate a list of customers and see what and when they're buying. Since we know, for example, who bought fertilizer from us last year and we can send those customers an e-mail about when to use fertilizer this year. We can really understand our customers, down to the individual customer level."

Pike Nurseries sends loyalty members two to three e-mails per month depending on the season. Twice a year loyalty's point totals are converted into a dollar reward. The reward utilizes the gift card function but is accessible by the customer's loyalty card.

The targeted e-mails have been a success. "Last spring, we sent an e-mail to our loyalty customers for an after-hours event. It had a phenomenal response with a 456% increase in sales over the previous year. We duplicated the success of the spring event with a fall Gardenfest event on October 1. We had sales of 151% over the previous year. A strong e-mail list combined with other marketing tools, make these events a huge success."

Robust Loyalty Program

The new loyalty rewards program is developing into an extensive and fruitful program. "One of the great things about Epicor Eagle is how modules work together to help us deliver on marketing strategies," concludes Kent. "It's a fantastic tool. The Loyalty module, along with Compass, makes targeted marketing very easy. We are empowered to improve customer relationships and increase sales."

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