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Petro Ace Hardware began in 1968 as a product showroom for a building and construction company. Today, the founder's sons run the 10,000 square foot store and warehouse, serving a suburban community in Northeast Pennsylvania. Surrounded by big box competitors and lumberyards, Petro Hardware competes effectively by offering a full line of hardware, paint supplies, expert advice, and outstanding customer service. Customers keep coming back because they know they'll get the right advice and walk out with the right product.

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“In less than one year of use, we switched back to Epicor from Paladin Point of Sale. Today, we're dyed-in-the-wool Epicor users. It's the best software in the market and that's what we're staying with.”

Thom Petro, Managing Partner | Petro Ace Hardware
Company Facts
  • Location: Inkerman, Pennsylvania
  • Industry: Hardware and Home Center
  • Number of employees: 7
  • Number of locations: 1
  • Website:

  • Managing inventory to optimal levels
  • Easy access to data to run the business
  • Integration with Ace
  • Training seasonal employees

  • Epicor Eagle
  • Epicor Eagle Inventory Manager
  • Epicor Training On Demand
  • Epicor Professional Services

  • Increased inventory turns by one turn
  • Enhanced cash flow with right mix of inventory
  • Improved staff efficiency

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Lured away by lower cost promise

Petro Hardware began using the Epicor Eagle retail business management solution when Ace chose Epicor as its vendor of choice. “We chose Epicor Eagle software for the ease of integrating with the Ace environment, and quickly came to depend on product lookups, daily reports and back office accounts receivable tools and other features,” said Thom Petro, managing partner of Petro Ace Hardware. “Over the next five years we were satisfied Eagle software customers, but we were wooed away by a competitor, Paladin Point of Sale, who promised significant monthly savings on service fees. What appeared to be a comparable system fell way short and actually cost us more each month. In less than one year of use, we switched back to Epicor from Paladin Point of Sale. Today, we're dyed-in-the-wool Epicor users. It's the best software in the market and that's what we're staying with.”

The reports weren't there

On the surface, retail point of sale (POS) systems can appear similar until you look under the hood. Eagle software goes well beyond POS with a powerful, fully integrated, yet flexible system to run your entire business. “When we first switched to Paladin, the POS seemed pretty slick until our front staff, accustomed to Eagle software features, started saying that they missed what they were able to do with the Eagle solution,” said Petro. “At the same time, we were wrestling in the back office after discovering that the Eagle reports we depended on every day, weren't available in the Paladin system. At the time Paladin wasn't integrated with the Ace system, so capabilities we loved, like Ace system integration, we now had to pay for as upgrades. Paladin considered our required reports to be custom, and we had to pay extra for them. We found ourselves without the needed reports, without Ace system integration, manually entering data, and less POS functionality. That's when we pulled the plug and ran back to Eagle software.”

We depend on good data to run our business

The built-in features and robust reporting capabilities of Eagle software simply make Petro Hardware more efficient and effective. “Epicor is always adding features to the Eagle system that are cutting edge-saving us time and increasing our cash flow,” said Petro. “Inventory is our lifeblood and having easy access to reports that give us the status of our inventory, what's moving and what's not, is a daily discipline for us. You can't sell from an empty wagon and you can't make money without merchandise. We depend on the Epicor Eagle Inventory Planner application to effectively manage our cash flow, striking the delicate balance between too much and too little inventory. Quarterly, we study sales history reports to gauge how well new products are doing and it allows us to purge slow sellers. Since using the Inventory Planner application, we've picked up at least one full turn.” 

Eagle software has everything we need 

“Now that we're back using Eagle software there isn't anything we'd add. We have access to everything we need and we have confidence in the system's potential to grow with our business,” said Petro. “We tapped into Epicor Professional Services to help us with an inventory problem. Epicor sent someone to educate us for a couple of days and that went a long way to helping us get our inventory back on track.”

“Epicor Training on Demand is another solution that we use to help bring seasonal staff up to speed and help our experienced staff be more productive,” said Petro. “We set up a training plan and schedule for our new employees who spend at least an hour each week watching training videos and receive feedback on what they've completed. Most of our people are seasoned hardware professionals and the POS tools give them everything they need to serve our customers.”

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