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Eagle Customer Order Management Module Tames the Special Order Process at PC Home Center

The mainstay of PC Home Center success is its special order sales of doors, windows, cabinets and other specialty products to builders. Epicor Eagle has dramatically improved its special order process and in fact, one employee claims that the Eagle Advanced Special Order module is a 100% improvement over the previous process. RF and Document Management are also noted time-savers for this business. Revenue has grown 10-20% annually with only one part-time staff added to the back office.

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"Since we've updated our special order processes with Eagle, we no longer have special orders that 'fall through cracks.' We now exceed customer expectations."

David Stemler, Owner | PC Home Center
Company Facts
  • Headquarters: New Albany, Indiana
  • Annual Sales: $20 million
  • Sales Breakdown: 80% builders, 20% retail
  • Number of Employees: 85
  • Number of Locations: 2
  • Year Founded: 1975
  • Affiliation: Do it Best

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From Cash Register to Essential Business Tool

PC Home Center sells windows, doors, cabinets, lighting, flooring, and all the specialty products builders need. In its market in southern Indiana, PC Home Center is known for outstanding customer service and was named the 2006 ProSales magazine's Showroom of the Year.

PC Home Center has been using Epicor Eagle for over ten years, but previously, Eagle was used as a glorified cash register. "We hadn't invested the time or resources to take advantage of the full power of the Eagle system. Today, it's as valuable as our staff in running a successful business. The computer system shows up every day on-time, wide awake with a good attitude. It's an essential tool," asserts David Stemler, owner.

Managing Special Orders for Success

At least 70% of PC Home Center business is special orders and the Epicor Customer Order Management module significantly improved its special order processes. "At every step in the process, the Customer Order Management module helps us tremendously. From entering the order, receiving the product and attaching a custom special order label, tracking the order, and finally contacting the customer and consummating the sale, Epicor has improved the process," describes David.

"Once the order is entered, the sales person doesn't have to worry because the order automatically generates a PO for the supplier. The special order labels we print when product is received are a snapshot of the order and contain all the information we need. We also use a report that highlights orders that haven't been picked up within 30 days so we can remind customers to pick up their orders."

PC Home Center has a robust special order business for installed kitchens. These orders are complicated, involving parts from seven or eight suppliers and at least one installer. "Since we integrated our kitchen planning software into Eagle, our business has more than doubled and we have not added staff. From kitchen design to quotes, orders, receipt and delivery-it's automated in Eagle and works for us," explains David.

"With the large volume of suppliers and SKUs we have available for special orders, the ability to upload vendor price lists and SKU information into our Eagle system saves us a lot of time and makes it much easier to process our large volume of special orders. Since we've updated our special order processes with Eagle, we no longer have special orders that 'fall through cracks' and have the embarrassing situation to have a customer inquire about their order to find that it was never received by the supplier, or was missed upon receipt and is sitting on a shelf somewhere. We now exceed customer expectations," continues David. "One of the best statements about our Eagle system came from an employee that was very reluctant to make the changes three years ago. When asked how the new special order process and system was working he asserted that it was a 100% improvement and 100% easier!"

RF Improves Inventory Accuracy

The RF system allows an employee with limited knowledge to walk the floor and point, scan and update inventory. "Our goal is to cycle count every item four times per year and RF makes that possible. There was no way we could manually count everything in the store that frequently," says David. "We have about 95% accurate inventory since we've installed RF. It's just tremendous!"

Increased Back Office Productivity

With 80% of its business on account, invoices and statements required a lot of back office activity. "We love Document Management and Signature Capture! The statements automatically print at the end of the month and we've saved many, many hours by not copying, filing, sorting and preparing statements," concludes David. "In the ten years we've been using Eagle, our business has grown between 10 and 20% every year and we've only added one part-time person in the back office. Eagle, and the modules we use, makes it easy for our business to grow without adding staff."

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