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Paradise Home Center

Paradise Home Center Saves $50,000 Annually with Epicor Eagle


Company Facts

  • Headquarters: Union, South Carolina
  • Industry: HWHC/LBM
  • Number of Employees: 20
  • Number of locations: 1
  • Year Founded: 1947

Paradise Searches for a New System to Operate a Leaner Business

Paradise Home Center got its start as a full-service lumberyard. Over the years, the company evolved to better accommodate the do-it-yourself market and now operates out of a 60,000 square foot location. Paradise maintains its market leader position in the small county with its wide array of products in lumber, hardware, plumbing, framing, roofi ng and drywall, paint, and electrical. Furthermore, Paradise Home Center continues to refi ne effi ciencies. "We are still looking for new growth opportunities, but the main emphasis is on watching operating expenses and margins. We are trying to be as lean as possible," explains Dan Berry, president.

Paradise Home Center had been operating with the Epicor CSD system for many years. The system, with its character-based interface, could no longer handle the burgeoning business. After looking at fi ve or six technology vendors, the owners at Paradise Home Center chose to stay with Epicor, and selected the Eagle system. "I was looking for a system that was going to position the company for growth in the next fi ve to 10 years. Eagle gave us that ability. It's very dynamic," adds Dan.

Document Management Speeds Up Document Lookup and Statement Processing

Paradise uses the Epicor Document Management Suite to store documents electronically and e-mail or fax statements and invoices. "The ease of document retrieval has saved us a remarkable amount of time and space," states Dan. "We have removed four file cabinets because we use the Eagle system to scan and store documents."

Prior to Eagle, looking up stored invoices was cumbersome and time consuming. "We only kept two weeks of paper reports in the store. When a customer called up with an invoice number, I had to get his information, tell him I would call him back, and then call the offi ce manager," continues Dan. "If the invoice was not in the store, it would either be in a large cardboard box at the warehouse or stored at our old lumberyard location. The offi ce manager would have to know where to look and sift through years of information. Since we switched to Eagle, invoice lookup changed from a one week ordeal to a quick 30-second interaction."

Account Receivable statement production has transformed, too. "It takes us about half the time it used to take to produce statements. A lot of our customers are having their statements e-mailed or faxed to them," describes Dan. "We were able to cut a full-time back office position down to a part-time position because of Document Management. Every month, the offi ce manager tells me, 'It was a great decision to buy this system.'"

Paradise Employees Make Faster, More Informed Decisions

Paradise employees use a combination of viewers in Epicor Business Advisor and reports from Epicor Compass to access the most pertinent data. "Business Advisor is fantastic. The hyperlinks and drilldowns make it easy to view the data we need," notes Dan. "I use six or seven custom viewers. Viewers, whether in general ledger, payables, purchasing, or inventory, give us a tremendous amount of information."

Compass then provides an even more in-depth look at the data. Paradise relies heavily on Compass for reports automatically e-mailed to managers and staff. Some examples of the reports they receive include data on Price Exceptions, Shrinkage by Inventory Type, New Items Added, and New Customers Added. Compass automatically provides the data that Paradise's managers and staff can leverage to more effi ciently run the business. "Compass provides a wealth of information," says Dan.

Point of Sale Improvements Lead to Happier Customers and Faster Checkout

Switching to the Eagle system has sped up point of sale dramatically. Before, Paradise could not accept debit cards, and any credit card would have to be run through a single terminal. "We are very fast at point of sale with Eagle. The system easily handles our Do it Best® gift cards and DIB consumer credit cards. And we can process both credit and debit cards at any point of sale station," says Dan.

Paradise Saves at Least $50,000 Per Year!

Paradise Home Center saw the biggest savings in being able to better manage margin, along with additional savings in improved effi ciency throughout the store. "We save $6,000 annually in labor and $6,000 in electronic storage. Our improved handling of returns and refunds has led to about $2,000 annually in savings," states Dan. "Combine that with $30,000 to $40,000 we save through better margin management, and overall, the annual savings is approximately $50,000 per year.

Dan concludes, "The Eagle system has made us more efficient and responsive to our market. It's helped us to maintain our revenue stream in an economy that at one point had 20 percent unemployment. We're doing an outstanding job considering the economic climate, and I attribute a lot of that to the Eagle system."

Executive Summary

Since 1947, Paradise Home Center has been servicing contractors, do-it-yourselfers, and homeowners with a variety of building material, hardware, and lumber products. This thirdgeneration family-owned home center offers a virtual "paradise" of home improvement items to its Union, South Carolina customers. To run operations, Paradise Home Center relied on the Epicor CSD system for many years. As with any older system, it was outdated and no longer provided what the company required. They decided to switch to the Epicor Eagle system.

Since implementing the Eagle system, the company has saved approximately $50,000 annually because the system enables Paradise to run a leaner business. Checkout is faster and more effi cient. Answering invoice questions is a matter of 30 seconds instead of a week-long task. And data is available at the employees' fi ngertips, which is helping them make more accurate and informed decisions daily.

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