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Nugent & Potter, Inc. is a fourth-generation family-owned and operated plumbing supply house, catering to a primarily contractor customer base in the Hamptons, New York. The company puts a spin on the warehouse distribution model by providing a self-service store layout where customers have direct access to supplies ranging from plumbing, heating, drainage, water filtration, and irrigation to swimming pools.

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Epicor went above and beyond to get us what we needed. They provided a solution that added value to our company.

Mike Finocchiaro, Assistant Manager | Nugent & Potter, Inc.
Company Facts

  • Run a more efficient operation with the same level of staff

  • Epicor Eagle
  • Epicor Eagle Core Upgrade Package
  • Epicor Eagle In-Store Gift Card
  • Epicor Advanced Receiving

  • Improved customer service with faster answers to customer billing inquiries
  • Saved time in the back office
  • Improved receiving process

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Even though Nugent & Potter has relied on the Epicor Eagle business management system for over ten years, the owners recognized that enhancing their solution with new technology and add-on modules could improve the company's performance. To that aim, the company made a shift to implement the latest best practices tools and solutions to complement its existing Eagle solution.

A Win-Win Scenario: Additional Functionality and Savings

Mike Finocchiaro, assistant manager of Nugent & Potter, explained that they were looking for ways to save on costs while at the same time improve efficiencies throughout the business. "After starting a lot of upgrades and adding some new applications, it became clear that it was more cost-effective to go with the Epicor Eagle Core Upgrade package which provided the needed solutions," said Finocchiaro. "It's all going better than we even expected. We've taken advantage of new functionality and are saving both time and money."

New Epicor Eagle Applications Save Time and Increase Customer Service

The Core Upgrade package is a set of best practice applications bundled together to provide much-needed efficiencies at an attractive price. "One of our favorite new functions is Document Management. With a couple of clicks, we can view electronically stored documents. It's quite powerful to see all the records, spanning many years, for every customer," said Finocchiaro. "When customers call asking for copies of invoices or just needing information from invoices, it's much faster and easier to find the document in the system rather than having to dig through file cabinets in a back room. We now answer customers' questions immediately while they are still on the phone. Customer service is much better, and we're saving time."

Epicor Eagle Core Upgrade Adds Value

Implementing solutions that save money and improve customer service are appreciated by the Nugent & Potter management team. "At first we were suspicious that the Epicor Eagle Core Upgrade package was too good to be true-that we could add modules we've wanted to add, and save money by doing so," said Finocchiaro. "We are really happy with our decision. Epicor delivered exactly what they said they would. We are experiencing the savings as described. The new modules are delivering great results. The Epicor Eagle Core Upgrade package is an outstanding solution that adds value to our company and saves us significant money."

Advanced Receiving Aids Back Office

Another added application, Advanced Receiving, has aided Nugent & Potter. "We finalize POs, easily make changes, and run the voucher program which verifies that items we receive are the same items we are paying for. Overall, it's great software that saves a lot of time. We could never go back to our old way of receiving and performing Accounts Payable functions," said Finocchiaro.

Higher Level of Customer Service with In-Store Gift Cards

Epicor Eagle In-Store Gift Card opened the door to a higher level of customer service for Nugent & Potter. The staff at Epicor worked with Nugent & Potter on a custom design of their gift card. The company finds that activation and management is simple. In addition, they are using gift cards in ways they hadn't thought about. "We now issue gift cards to clear customers' credit balances," said Finocchiaro. "We use gift cards for local charity donations and raffles, and we also send them to certain customers as a 'thank you' for shopping with us.
After we started advertising that we have in-store gift cards available, more people than we thought purchased them for friends and family. The options are endless with in-store gift cards. Customers swipe the gift card just like a credit card and it deducts the amount from the card and applies it to the transaction. The balance is also recorded on the invoice for the customer. It's a great addition to our business and helps us lead the industry in customer service."

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