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Nube Azul

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With over 30 years of presence in the Venezuelan market, Distribuidora Nube Azul imports and commercializes a wide range of national and imported liquors and wines. In the last years, the company has experiencing a rapid expansion and a continued growth, successfully bearing the changes in the consumption habits of the public. 

Besides owning six distributors located in the main cities of the country, the company entered into the franchises business at the end of the 1990s, through PROLICOR, providing a wide network of points of sale strategically located throughout the whole country. 

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"Epicor iScala is a robust and complete enterprise resource planning solution, capable of integrating all the processes of the organization."

Jorge Ramírez, Corporate Administration Manager | PROLICOR
Company Facts
  • Location: Venezuela
  • Industry: Retail and Distribution
  • Number of Employees: 750

  • Distribuidora Nube Azul needed a solution to integrate and standardize their critical business processes-finance, sales and logistics-across all its branches nationwide

  • Epicor iScala

  • 100 % improvement in inventory control
  • Decreased invoicing and delivery processes time
  • Improvement in client response time and quality
  • Ability to make pricing decisions on tim
  • Updated accounting information and generation of reports online, in real time
  • Adjustment to fiscal regulative changes in the liqueur industry, in order to issue fiscal reports as demanded by law

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Distribuidora Nube Azul needed an enterprise solution to strengthen the tactical and strategic information of the organization, in order to achieve a better understanding of the business, which would enable to improve agility and efficiency. The goal was to use the best technology available and to apply criteria of efficiency, quality, profitability and competitiveness, in line with the company's strategies to assure the success of the business. These parameters motivated the implementation of an enterprise management solution that would allow them to manage their business processes in an integrated way across the whole organization, including the extended supply chain.

Before implementing Epicor iScala, Distribuidora Nube Azul did not have an integrated enterprise management solution. "We had software for database management and an invoicing tool, but the area of accounting was in urgent need for a change, in favour of a suitable and optimal administration," commented Jorge Ramírez, Corporate Administration Manager of PROLICOR. 

After an exhaustive evaluation, which bore in mind diverse functional and technological aspects, as well as communication with other systems, Distribuidora  Nube Azul selected the Epicor iScala solution, for being the software that better suited their requirements. 

"Epicor iScala is a robust and complete enterprise resource planning solution, capable of integrating all the processes of the organization," Ramírez said. 

Epicor iScala is a comprehensive ERP solution, providing functionality in the areas of finance, supply chain, manufacturing and customer relationship management. It is specially designed to support organizations with global models, with multiple locations or multiple entities. Built on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) using Microsoft .NET and Web services, iScala is optimized for high performance and collaboration across the supply chain, enabling organizations to synchronize and integrate business operations to achieve agility and maximum efficiency. 

Ease of use of the software, accessibility to information it offers, and the  complete functionality, added to the high level of support provided by the local partner and the ability to gain direct access to the supplier, are some of the factors executives from Distribuidora Nube Azul stressed in reference to the Epicor solution. 

"One of the aspects that caught our attention was the meticulousness of Epicor's implementation methodology, which assured that the work would get done as planned, over defined steps," commented Ramírez, who indicates that prior to the implementation of the software, five first line consultants were 100 percent dedicated to raising the diagnosis information related to the business requirements. "For us, the dedication, commitment and constant support provided by Epicor and SCS-BMS Venezuela has been invaluable," he added.

Since January 2008, the system operates in five branches of Distribuidora Nube  Azul, including Caracas, Valencia, Puerto La Cruz, San Cristobal and Maracaibo, which now work in a totally integrated way. This year Distribuidora Nube Azul will begin the implementation in the branches of Margarita and Paraguaná.

The implemented modules include, Finance (general accounting, account payables and receivables), Distribution and Logistics (sales orders, purchases, inventories), Planning of Sales and Marketing, in addition to support to adjust to the monetary conversion in force in Venezuela since January 2008. 

Among the obtained benefits, Ramírez emphasizes the support for the monetary conversion process and the changes in the Venezuelan fiscal legislation for the liquors sector, in order to generate the proper fiscal reports. He also indicates they now have total control over inventories, the availability of information online, in real time, the ability to make decisions on prices in time, a notable decrease in the time of response to the clients, as well as a total optimization of the processes of the organization. 

"Having access to information online allows us to make constant monitoring and take immediate and prompt decisions in critical issues, such as the definition of prices, expenses, and inventories," said Ramírez. "Before it was necessary to wait up to one month to obtain the information; now the same information is up-to-date in real time," he said.

The adoption of a process culture has also been one of the principal benefits driven by the implementation of the Epicor solution. "Not only did Epicor iScala turn out to be robust and flexible enough to adapt to our processes, it enabled better process orchestration, moving from a departmental focus to an integrated approach," he added. 

As future steps, Ramírez comments that the organization is moving towards the implementation of Epicor's Business Intelligence solutions.

About Epicor 

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