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Nova-Zinc is a division, and raw material base, of the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant. The company extracts and processes zinc ore, and manufactures zinc and lead concentrate.

The average annual production volume of the Akzhal-based mining and processing company was 37,304 ton of zinc concentrate during 2001-2004. The approved balance zinc reserves that the company can hold at the Akzhal deposit is 1 million tons.

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"Calculation speed has increased by a tenfold. The generation of regulatory fiscal and management reports has accelerated by approximately five days."

Oleg Baydin, Chief of Information Services | Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant
Company Facts
  • Location: Kazakhstan
  • Industry: Metals
  • Number of Stores: 1
  • Web site: www.zinc.ru

  • Automation of payroll accounting

  • Epicor iScala Advanced Payroll

  • Reduction of labor efforts by payroll accounting
  • Increase speed of calculation and generation of regulatory fiscal and management reports
  • Running complex payroll scheme 
  • Realization of the team-piecework form of payroll accounting

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The company runs a complex set up for payroll accounting. It has to take into account many factors when calculating payments, and analyze various criteria before any payments for labor can be made.

Up to 2008, Nova-Zinc used a bespoke software application for payroll accounting; however, the complex scheme of calculation required considerable resources in terms of time and money. Also, the calculating speed was low.


In 2006, Nova-Zinc was acquired by the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant which has been using Epicor's ERP system successfully for more than 10 years.

As soon as the merger was finalized, Nova-Zinc began automating processes and implementing Epicor.

Starting with financial management, logistics and asset management, Nova-Zinc implemented Epicor during 2006-2007 to manage their accounting and logistics processes.

As soon as the main system was in place Nova-Zinc decided to implement Epicor's solution for payroll.


The implementation of Epicor iScala Advanced Payroll was carried out by Epicor's Ural partner, UrZA Company.

Starting in March 2008, the project went through all the necessary phases of activity analysis, project organization, data transfer and test operation before going live in December 2008.


As a result of implementing Advanced Payroll, Nova-Zinc can now easily manage the complex scheme of payroll accounting for the enterprise, including piecework-time forms for employees' compensation, accounting of working time, down-time, repairs carried out by production workers, multi-criteria analysis of labor costs, and labor payments.

Besides, UrZA's experts have carried out modifications of Epicor's standard payroll module to achieve the specific piecework- time forms.

The payroll automation covers the following: employee card-file, time-keeping, payroll accounting, calculation of budget according to labor, analysis of time and labor costs.

According to Oleg Baydin, the chief of information service for CZP, calculating speed has increased by a tenfold. The generation of regulatory fiscal and management reports has accelerated by approximately five days.

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