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Northside Pharmacies, with seven locations in Ohio, has been in operation since 1985. As an affiliate of the Genesis HealthCare System, the company works cooperatively with area health care agencies and communities to offer programs and services beyond their brick-and-mortar locations to the industry. Northside Pharmacies has a large selection of over-the-counter products, including first aid supplies, vitamins, greeting cards, gift items and more. With such a broad range of inventory and plans for growth, the company was looking for a software solution that fit their expanding business-ultimately selecting Epicor Eagle to strengthen business processes and customer loyalty.

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"I think the top three benefits of selecting Epicor are the customer service, the business partnership, and the solution integration capabilities. The Epicor service culture is phenomenal and that was a big selling point for us."

Danielle Spires, Systems Coordinator | Northside Pharmacies.
Company Facts
  • Location: Zanesville, Ohio
  • Industry: Pharmacy
  • Number of Employees: 180
  • Web site:
  • Affiliation: Genesis Healthcare System

  • Refining customer loyalty program
  • Lengthy and inconsistent reporting
  • A system that didn't allow for real-time connectivity, which hindered daily business activities

  • Epicor Eagle
  • Epicor Eagle Loyalty Manager
  • Epcior Eagle Compass

  • Solution integration and connection to all locations
  • Enhanced customer loyalty program
  • Improved reporting

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Intuitive solution with customer service focus

Prior to selecting Epicor, Northside Pharmacies was in search of an intuitive business management and point of sale system to help with inventory control, speed and efficiency at point of sale, as well as provide offline transaction processing. "We reviewed four other point of sale systems in addition to Epicor," said Danielle Spires, Systems Coordinator at Northside Pharmacies. "The first thing that drew us to Epicor, as opposed to the competitors, was their customer service. Not only did we receive excellent service from the Epicor sales representative, but every person that we encountered from Epicor was so dedicated and focused on exposing us to the value of an Epicor partnership and benefits  of the products. I loved learning about all the different features and functions of Epicor Eagle, we  didn't have many of those with our previous vendor-there were countless processes we had to do manually that took a long drawn-out time."

Northside Pharmacies Strengthens customer loyalty program and business processes with Epicor Eagle

"I think the top three benefits of selecting Epicor are the customer service, the business partnership, and the solution integration capabilities. The Epicor service culture is phenomenal and that was a big selling point for us," said Spires.

Maintaining fast and personalized service

Another element that Northside Pharmacies discovered to be accurate was the quick and easy implementation of Epicor Eagle. "Our company thrives on the reputation of knowing and anticipating our customers' needs," said Spires. "Because of this pre-emptive approach, we knew our business management system needed to be updated to maintain our fast and personalized service. We have been pleased with Epicor-the solutions have already helped us streamline our business."

"Because Epicor Eagle is such a user-friendly system with robust functionality, we were able to train our staff quickly and efficiently. We had three weeks of training with our onsite trainer and several phone sessions. The training and support that we received during the go-live and implementation phase was fantastic," said Spires.

Loyalty points go through the roof

Northside Pharmacies has a well-defined customer loyalty program. With implementation of Epicor Eagle Loyalty Manager, the business has seen great improvements in reporting. "I fall in love with Epicor a little more every day," said Spires. "Thanks to Epicor Eagle Loyalty Manager, my loyalty program reporting process has been cut down from a full 8-hour day of reporting to literally less than an hour. Before using Epicor solutions, we had six to eight full days of reporting and maintenance per month-including inputting customer data, adding point balances, printing monthly reports, printing and mailing birthday coupons and vouchers, and any other routine maintenance as needed. With Epicor Eagle, I now only need one to two days per month for these activities. That's saving me approximately 48 hours every month, and I'm able to use that time to focus on other projects."

"Additionally, because the Epicor Eagle solution prompts for loyalty input at the beginning and end of each sale, our loyalty points have gone through the roof. We are so excited about using Epicor solutions and how much they are going to do for our business."

Prior to implementing Epicor Eagle, Northside Pharmacies wasn't able to provide redemption of coupons at point of sale. "It was all very manual and we were limited on the promotions we could offer," said Spires. "With our previous software vendor, we could only give 10 points for every $10 spent, and then at 250 points, the customer will get a $5 coupon that we would run manually and mail out. Now with Epicor Eagle, we are able to give a point for every dollar spent in almost all departments. We're issuing more coupons, more frequently and seeing more of them being used by customers. Epicor Eagle Loyalty Manager provides the capabilities we were missing- it's fantastic. It's a great way for our business to increase profitability and it's a win-win for customers."

Real-time information is key

The company also utilizes Epicor Eagle Compass for tracking customer data and business analytics management. "We have several different reports running with Epicor Eagle Compass," said Spires. "One is a point balance report that we use to track how many loyalty points are assigned from month to month. I love the fact that the data we use and information we gather is in real time. With our old system, we had to wait overnight for everything to process. So, the real-time functionality is a wonderful aspect of the software."

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